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In the midst of the current world pandemic, local software design and development consultancy company Macadamian, has developed a mobile app that allows employees to assess their health status before the start of their work shift at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital and its long-term care facilities.

As Bruyère has restricted visitor access during the COVID-19 pandemic, the screening is an important process for the safety of their patients and staff members.  

The app cuts down on wait times, as prior to the app, the use of a paper form to screen anyone coming into the facility was the only way to get the information they needed.


Invested with a mission

vani edwardson profile picture Telfer alumna, Vani Edwardson (MBA ‘97) Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Macadamian, shared with us the journey she and her team have experienced, in partnership with Bruyère when they came up with the app.

Edwardson shared, It was the middle of March when Macadamian made the decision to have all employees [work] remotely. As we began to look for information to guide the company, we realized that there were so many sources of information, and it was getting difficult to know what to trust, so we developed a real-time COVID-19 News Dashboard to keep employees, friends, and family up to speed.

Independently of their work on the dashboard, Bruyère reached out to Macadamian as they were facing a critique challenge, as Edwardson continued: “Two weeks later, Bruyère approached us to help them with a challenge they were facing. Before starting their shifts, employees were gathering at a central area to print out and manually fill out a health self-assessment form. In some cases, employees would start arriving at an hour prior to their shift so they could fill out the forms. As you can imagine, it was getting very difficult to maintain the social distancing requirements and manage.”

The Gatineau-based company was then invested with a mission to cut down on the process. “The team at Macadamian put out all the stops to design, develop, and implement an occupational health and safety solution in just two weeks. At Macadamian, our North Star is to improve peoples’ lives. To date, through the work we have done with healthcare companies and providers, we have positively impacted the lives of close to one million people. I am extremely proud of my team at Macadamian and with Bruyère in being able to keep people safe and healthy,” shared Edwardson.


Take a look at the app



To learn more about Macadamian healthcare solutions, visit their website.

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