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Jasmine Tu, like many senior-year students, is currently living in an unknown environment ever since high schools have been closed following the preventive measures specific to COVID-19.  Considered by some as a missed opportunity following cancellation of prom night, graduation and “the best summer of their life” in jeopardy, Jasmine, with the help of her family, decided to turn these difficult times into an opportunity to help those who need it most.

Currently attending Bell High School in Ottawa and on her way to the Telfer School of Management this fall, Jasmine has always been an active member of the student body throughout her high school years. She participated in many school fundraisers and non-for-profit organizations. Thus, it came as no surprise that given the opportunity, Jasmine decided to make a difference during this unprecedented time and developed her own solo non-for profit “entrepreneurial enterprise” by creating “LocalMasks for a Cause.”

Over 1,000 Masks Have Been Donated

homemade masks in individual plastic bags For the past couple of weeks, Jasmine and her family have been working very hard in making homemade face masks. They have donated over 1,000 masks to local hospitals in Ottawa and around the province, but it doesn’t end there.

You can find them sewing until sunrise as they continue to make masks in hopes that everyone can stay safe, healthy, and diligent. 

“We understand that not everyone in our community has access to a mask at this time, so we have reached out to the Ottawa community to see who would like a mask, while donating all proceeds towards a specific charity of the week,” shared Jasmine.


$1,600 + Raised for the CHEO Foundation

Jasmine’s enterprise does not stop there. Jasmine is also raising funds as well as selling masks online giving all profits and money raised back to local recognized organisations.  During the first week of their initiative, they have chosen to support the CHEO Foundation where they raised $1,641. “CHEO has always had a special place in my family’s heart and it's an honour for us to continue supporting CHEO as the years go by,” stated Jasmine.

This week, they have chosen to support the Ottawa Food Bank, for which they have raised over $2,000 already.

“We hope to inspire others that small gestures of kindness go a long way. Our support and prayers are with individuals and families who are currently dealing with COVID-19,” said a solemn Jasmine.

Jamsine Tu showing homemade mask Jasmine has created a Facebook page called Local Mask Fundraiser as the main platform to raise money for the cause and to take mask orders. She is posting updates on the number of masks sold, how many masks are still available, as well as updates on how much money has been raised each week. She has also developed an awareness strategy by uploading some posts to the Facebook Marketplace platform, and she is posting regularly in local group pages such as ‘Ottawa Community’ to explain the fundraiser and create an easy way for community members to contact her team if they are interested in donating or purchasing masks.

“We developed an efficient and safe ‘porch pick-up’ system for orders of masks and donations that were received either by e-transfer, cash or through the Facebook fundraiser posted on the page where you can donate directly to the different foundations we will support,” added Jasmine, who already has a keen sense of business analytics as a future accounting students. 


You can follow Jasmine and her family’s initiative through their Facebook page. You can also make a donation through or directly to the CHEO Foundation or the Ottawa Food Bank.

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