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Moments for Care Lifts Spirits in Isolated Senior Living During the Pandemic

Music has the power to lift spirits and bring joy to listeners. This is especially true for residents, frontline care teams, and support staff working in senior living facilities. With residents in isolation and staff working long hours and extra shifts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a stressful time for all. Moments for Care provides live concerts that are able to brighten up days and give residents an opportunity to feel the energy and passion of live music.     Read more ›

uOttawa Alumni Group Creates Online Platform to Give Visibility to Local Artists

Given COVID-19 strengthening across our community and around the world, a group of talented artists including members of the uOttawa alumni community came together to form a team of individuals with a passion for local culture who were also directly impacted by the current pandemic.  Read more ›

Giving Back to the Healthcare Superheroes in Times of COVID-19 with Gift Better Co.

While it has always been essential and important to recognize the dedicated work of nurses, the co-founders of Gift Better Co. saw a way of taking their idea of “giving better” to another level for National Nurses Week this year during COVID-19.    Read more ›

MHA Alumna Dr. Sarah Musavi is Helping Women Around the World Boost Immunity Through Food and Lifestyle

With a Doctorate in Biochemistry, an MHA from the Telfer School, combined with being a certified health coach and a community gardener, Dr. Sarah Musavi found a way to put her credibility and expertise to the service of the community - especially the South Asian women’s community - during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more ›

Sam Arseneau’s SupportMyMac Helps set up iPads for Seniors as part of Ruckify COVID-19 Initiative

SupportMyMac, a managed service provider for organizations using Apple devices, provided a technology solution free-of-charge to Connected Canadians, a local non-profit that provides technology training and support to seniors. Their mission is to reduce feelings of isolation among older adults through digital literacy skills promotion.   Read more ›

Dr. Mamta Gautam Offers Free Online Support to All Canadian Physicians

As we all know, frontline workers in our health systems are our main pillar during the COVID-19 pandemic. They show up every day, ready to get to work at hospitals, satellite screening clinics or long-term care facilities. It takes a lot of courage and resilience, even more so now as we are two months into the crisis in Canada. They are here for us. This raises the question: who is there for them?    Read more ›

Future Telfer BCom Student Launches Homemade Face Masks Fundraiser

Jasmine Tu, like many senior-year students, is currently living in an unknown environment ever since high schools have been closed following the preventive measures specific to COVID-19.  Considered by some as a missed opportunity following cancellation of prom night, graduation and “the best summer of their life” in jeopardy, Jasmine, with the help of her family, decided to turn these difficult times into an opportunity to help those who need it most.  Read more ›

Interview with MHA Alumna Dr. Mylène Côté: Working on Pandemic Frontlines

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to lockdowns, closures, and isolation all for a great cause - ensuring the health of Canadians as much as possible. We also do this to keep from overwhelming the Canadian healthcare system with overcrowded hospitals and a lack of resources.  Read more ›

female college student working from home with cellphone and tablet

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, major changes have been made to academic regulations. Because of this, the uOttawa Regional Mentoring Centre has been helping students by answering questions regarding academic dates, exams, and handling the summer semester from a distance. We know that many students have concerns regarding the summer semester being shifted online to an online delivery. As the Regional Mentor team is now shifting their focus to providing insightful content that helps students handle their classes, tests, and assignments from home, we spoke with Jacqueline, a mentor in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to learn more about the new reality students are facing, and how the mentorship program was able to rapidly adapt.    Read more ›

Macadamian Developed a Mobile App to Ease COVID-19 Screening Process at Bruyère

In the midst of the current world pandemic, local software design and development consultancy company Macadamian, has developed a mobile app that allows employees to assess their health status before the start of their work shift at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital and its long-term care facilities.  Read more ›

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