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By Lidiane Cunha

Project title: The Business of Accelerating Sustainable Urban Transformations in Canada

Grand Challenges

Our society is currently facing the imminent dangers of climate change: an increase of natural disasters, resource scarcity, and other environmental and social sustainability challenges. As these grand challenges threaten our ability to live within the Earth's carrying capacity, we must transition to sustainable practices in urban built environments. Businesses must play a significant role in this transition, but how can we increase their involvement in the design, development, and construction of sustainable urban cities and, as a result, enable the transition to a more sustainable future?

What is this research about?

Associate Professor Daina Mazutis has received a Knowledge Synthesis grant by the Social Sciences and Humanities Council to review the existing research on the topic. By doing so, she hopes to determine key issues, best practices, limitations, and knowledge gaps around the governance and capacity-building required to accelerate the role of business in sustainable urban transformation projects in Canada.

Who will benefit from this research?

Insights gained from this research have the potential to influence both the policy and practice of sustainable urban transitions in Canada, from a business perspective. This review will also identify areas where industry executives and policy makers can work together to effectively facilitate the planning, design and construction of more sustainable communities in the future.

Professor Mazutis

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