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Health care workers in hospital

The development of advanced analytics models can help health organizations identify the most effective policies and organizational arrangements needed to adjust to a new reality. Researchers at the Telfer School of Management are working on the development of advanced analytics models to support health organization in better planning and managing their capacity. Such models may also inform health policy officials, so they design policies that reflect both the allocation of resources and the demands for long-term care from hospitals and the community. Read more ›

Women entrepreneurs

To understand the links between government policies and practices, Full Professor Barbara Orser and her co-authors reviewed policies and practices designed to increase women entrepreneurs’ access to capital in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Norway and the United States. Read more ›

Professor Mignerat

Associate Professor Muriel Mignerat hopes to better understand the unique features of the IT development process in the context of EDI. For her new project, she has been awarded a Telfer School of Management Research Grant (SMRG). Read more ›


To better understand the impact of high-frequency trading, Associate Professor Ali Akyol has been awarded a Telfer School of Management Research grant (SMRG). More specifically, he will examine if high-frequency traders artificially increase stock prices, and if firms who repurchase shares may be paying a high price at the end. Read more ›

Managing Conflicts in Family Businesses

Hong Qiu is a Ph.D. candidate at the Telfer School of Management. When taking a course on family businesses, she realized these unique firms experienced many tensions because of the spillover of family dynamics into the business. She decided to dig deeper to better understand how conflicts manifest in family businesses and how family firms deal with different types of conflicts. Read more ›

Social network

Is your work meaningful to you? In a new article published in the Academy of Management Review, Associate Professor Jane O’Reilly, from the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, and her co-authors claim that employees develop a sense of meaning when they can achieve goals that have a purpose. However, to achieve these goals, employees need to have social connections to others who can offer them supporting resources along the way. Read more ›


Join us on March 4th, 2020 in our next Telfer Forum, Breaking Burnout: Improving Employee Mental Health and Well-Being. A panel of experts from uOttawa, Public Services and Procurement Canada, and Deloitte Canada will share the latest evidence-based insights and best practices Read more ›

Construction and development workers

A recent study co-authored by Associate Professor Daina Mazutis suggests that leadership plays a major role in driving forth sustainable urban transformations. In the article published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, the authors analyzed the case of the Zibi Development. We interviewed Professor Mazutis to find out about the role of leadership in bringing radical change to the sector. Read more ›

How can businesses be more sustainable by improving their supplier relationships?

Sara Hajmohammad joined the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa as an Assistant Professor in July 2019. We interviewed her to learn more about her research interests in sustainable operations and supply chain management. Read more ›

Employees at work

In a new study, Associate Professor Magda Donia and collaborators suggest that increasing employee’s responsibilities and autonomy in culturally diverse workplaces does not always lead to higher employee satisfaction, performance, and creativity. Read more ›

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