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Only from great questions come groundbreaking answers

We understand. At the Telfer Master of Science in Management, we fully appreciate the vital importance of such great questions. Indeed, our program is founded on the principle that only from questions come groundbreaking answers, breakthrough discoveries and cutting edge insights.

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Ask us a great question

Contact us if you have questions that go beyond the range of this website. We sincerely hope you do. We love it when people ask great questions.

What will be your great question?

Every discovery has one common thread: it started with a curious person asking a question. The program helps you make that question the driver of your research.

Think differently

Learn to work across disciplines

In management, asking cutting edge research questions and finding out the most relevant answers requires researchers that approach problems from multiple angles. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of management, our program allows researchers to address problems from a variety of perspectives—strategy, economics, organizational behaviour, human resources, marketing, operations, accounting and finance. In doing so, our researchers take on the most important issues faced by today’s business leaders, anticipating and devising solutions that help them solve tomorrow’s challenges.

Gain advanced research skill

We provide you with the skills you need to satisfy your curiosity and carry out rigorous research in management. We help you identify areas of reflection, develop your analytical approaches to managerial problems as well as a thorough understanding of management theories and applied concepts. We teach you research methodologies, and encourage your critical thinking about management issues centered around your research question. We help you gain new insights into how businesses become and remain competitive in today’s global environment; how they tackle the challenges of innovation, globalization, and sustainable growth in today’s business world.

In short, we prepare you to think differently—to challenge yourself to look at challenging questions related to business, management, human behaviour and social interaction from original perspectives, and then find equally novel ways to uncover empirically driven answers to those questions.

We’re not an MBA program

The Telfer MSc in Management is not an MBA program. Our focus on discovering illuminating answers to cutting edge research questions is what separates us from MBA programs.

What will be your great question? Let us help you find out.

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