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Date Student Title Supervisors
2015-11-18 Ruoxi Xia Building a Bridge between Work-family Issues and Growth Intentions of Female Entrepreneurs
2015-11-04 Éric Didier Moularé The Influence of Stakeholders on the Sustainable Development of the Wind Power Industry in Canada: The Firm’s Perspective
2015-10-21 Juanzi Wang Factors affect Individuals choice to be Entrepreneur, comparison between Innovation-driven economies and Efficiency-driven Economies
2015-09-18 Xuchen Hu Value relevance of the voluntary disclosure of advertising expenditure: A study of Canadian listed companies
2015-09-11 Shu Wang What Motivates Marketing Innovation andWhether Marketing Innovation Varies across Industry Sectors
2015-05-26 Xiaolu Liao Export Propensity of Canadian SMEs: A Gender Based Study
2014-12-18 Brad Conlin INGO Performance Management Practices and the Need for Accountability
2014-11-05 Mohammed Zakaria Nehari Talet An Analysis of the Determinants of Internal Control Disclosure by Multinational Corporations
2014-10-28 Michael Lever Understanding Variability in Modern Cross-Border Shopping Occasions
2014-08-26 Meng Jin Do Gendered Social Institutions and Resources Promote Women's Entrepreneurial Intentions? A Multi-Country Study
2014-08-25 Maria El Chababi Are They Really Different: The Entrepreneurial Process from the Perspective of Different Generations of Immigrant Entrepreneurs
2014-08-22 Mingli Liu Supply Chain Management in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief
2014-08-08 Sona Kollarova
2014-07-31 Shuangshuang Kong Cross-Border Venture Capital Investments: An Analysis of Exit Outcomes for Canadian Firms
2014-06-11 Xiaoxi Chang Is It Best to Have It All: Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioral Consequences of Conflicting Expert Advice on Decision Makers
2014-05-29 Elliott Bourgeois SME Credit Pricing Influencers: Illustrations from the Computer Animation and Visual Effects Industries
2014-05-20 Oluwaseun Afolayan Growth of Small Firms: An Alternative Look through the Lens of Effectuation
2014-03-04 Richa Singh Gender Based Financing Preferences of SMEs: Discouraged Borrowers
2013-09-19 Tanita Noor Tahmina The Incidence of Islamic Banking and Finance in Canada
2013-08-15 Xiao Zhao The Determinants and Evolution of Major Inter-firm Transactions in U.S. Apparel Sector
  • Dalziel, Margaret
2013-06-12 Anoosheh Rostamkalaei Value Added by Venture Capitalists: The Case of EDC
2013-01-18 Sushil Dahiya Cleantech SMEs’ Expectations and Perceptions of an Established Community-Based Intermediary Moving into their Sector
2012-12-19 Anika Laperrière The Internationalization of Professional Service Firms: An Organizational Learning Approach
2012-12-12 Asmita Sharma Managerial Demographics: Conceptualization and Its Impact on the Innovation Performance of Manufacturing Firms
2012-08-30 Evelyne Lord-Tarte Innovation Dynamics and the Development of the Canadian Wine Industry
  • Doloreux, David
2012-08-10 Ira Grover Exploring the Relationship between Leadership, Organizational Learning Capability and the Mediating Role of Trust
2012-06-22 Anika Laperrière The Internationalization of Small Professional Service Firms: An Organizational Learning Perspective
2012-02-02 Boushra El Haj Hassan Assessment of the Commercialization Capabilities of Canadian Technology Firms
2011-09-09 Weiwei Wu Innovation Intermediation Activities and the Actors that Perform Them
  • Dalziel, Margaret
2011-08-23 Nicholas Bremner The Influence of Follower Behaviour on Leaders’ Trust in Followers
2011-07-11 Andrew Tirelli Exploring the Relationship between Organizational Learning Capacity, Trust and Politics: An Empirical Study
2011-07-05 Shawn Roy An Assessment of LEED Certification's Impact on Net Rental Rates for Commercial Office Space in Toronto, Ontario
  • Ensign, Scott
  • Brzustowski, Tom
2011-06-21 Mehmet Onur Karadag Partial Least Square (PLS) Application to Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems
  • Linton, Jonathan
2011-06-14 Alex Mitchell Marketing Strategy in Social Enterprises: An Exploratory Study
2011-06-14 François Neville The performance of Immigrant-owned Business Ventures
2011-05-25 Linna (Yue) Wan The Global Financial Crisis: Impacts on SMEs and Government Responses
2010-11-22 Chris McCluskey Entrepreneurship in the Periphery and the Role of Social Networks: A Study of Businesses in Iqaluit, Nunavut
  • Ensign, Scott
2010-11-15 Chen Dong Lin Impact of Proximity and Management Intervention on Knowledge Transfer in Technology-based Mergers and Acquisitions
2010-04-09 Sébastien Casault Real Option Pricing Model Applied to Industrial and Regional Benefits Policy
  • Linton, Jonathan
0000-00-00 Xin Ye A Netnography of Goal Pursuit in Retirement Travel

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