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The students complete the Telfer Master of Science in Management in 24 months:

  • You dedicate your first two semesters to completing core and elective courses, and working on your thesis proposal.
  • You must present your thesis proposal to the Thesis Committee for approval by the end of your second semester.
  • You can gain hands-on research training by choosing to do the Research Internship (optional).
Term I Term II Term III Term IV Term V Term VI
Fall Winter Spring/
Fall Winter Spring/

Minimum of 3 courses
(9 units):

MGT 5100 Research Design Methodologies and the Conduct of Research (3 units)

MGT 5300 Foundations of Management Theory
(3 units)

Elective (3 units)

Minimum of 3 courses (9 units):

MGT 5101 Multivariate Research Methods (3 units) OR MGT 5102 Qualitative Research Methods (3 units)

Elective(s) (3 to 6 units)

Thesis proposal in progress

THM 7999 Thesis (12 units)

Elective if required

Thesis proposal completed and approved

Data collection

Data collection, analysis and writing Analysis and writing Final draft and defense

MGT 6991 Management Research Seminar Series (MRSS) – compulsory every term
until the student has attended the required total of 6 seminars

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