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Apply and develop your management knowledge

The Telfer Master of Science in Management attracts a broad range of talented, ambitious candidates. Our tremendous appeal is the direct result of five main program features:

We emphasize innovation management and entrepreneurship

At the Telfer MSc in Management, we concentrate on three of the most vital topics in business and government:

  • Innovation management—to enable you to examine how organizations foster, manage and fully exploit advanced products, systems and processes.
  • Entrepreneurship—to make it possible for you to delve into how new companies and organizations grow, develop entrepreneurial creativity among employees, and follow opportunities and pursue new directions as a result of market changes.
  • Finance—to examine mergers and acquisitions, payout policy, capital structure, corporate governance, executive compensation, corporate social responsability, applied financial econometrics, and initial public offerings.

These three areas of study are incredibly inclusive. You can use them to apply and develop the knowledge you’ve gained already from one of a range of management disciplines: marketing, finance, human resources, e-business, accounting, information systems, international management—and beyond.

MSc in Management Specialization in Environmental Sustainability

The guiding objective of the Collaborative Program is to provide graduate students with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and analyze the economic, legal, policy and scientific dimensions of environmental problems, and to employ an evidence-based approach to develop rational policy options for addressing those problems.

N.B. Enrollment in the MSc in Management Specialization in Environmental Sustainability is limited.  

We take full advantage of our location

The Telfer School is located in the heart of Ottawa. Studying in the capital city of a G7 country provides you with a number of exciting advantages, including:

  • Direct access to a wealth of valuable policy data.
  • Easy reach of prominent political and government decision-makers.
  • Attractive opportunities for research internships with key government departments, influential public-sector organizations and successful private firms.
  • Smooth transitions to research-related jobs with government departments and agencies, and organizations that study public policy.

We hold an extensive series of exclusive seminars

Our program sponsors and organizes an annual series of seminars. Fittingly titled the Management Research Seminar Series, this exclusive year-long forum enables you to get up close with management-research experts from other prestigious schools, major corporations, key government departments, leading research labs and venture-capital networks.

We propel you along a logical path of learning opportunities

The Telfer Master of Science in Management progresses along a clear, rational path that exposes you to a comprehensive range of learning opportunities:

  • You devote your first three four-month terms (12 months) of the 24-month program to a mix of core and elective courses.
  • You present your thesis proposal to the thesis committee for approval by the end of your second term.
  • You research and prepare your thesis during your last 3 terms (12 months). 

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