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Program Requirements

MSc in Management students must complete 30 units, consisting of 18 units of coursework (9 units of core courses and 9 units of elective courses) and 12 units for a thesis.

In addition, they must attend the Management Research Seminar Series (MRSS).

Students who complete all three courses within one field and who complete a thesis in the same field will be awarded a concentration in that field. Each course is worth 3 units.

Term I Term II Term III Term IV Term V Term VI
Fall Winter Spring/
Fall Winter Spring/

Minimum of 3 courses
(9 units):

MGT 5100 Research Design Methodologies and the Conduct of Research (3 units)

MGT 5300 Foundations of Management Theory
(3 units)

Elective (3 units)

Minimum of 3 courses (9 units):

MGT 5101 Multivariate Research Methods (3 units) OR MGT 5102 Qualitative Research Methods (3 units)

Elective(s) (3 to 6 units)

Thesis proposal in progress

THM 7999 Thesis (12 units)

Elective if required:

Optional research practicum (3 units) OR Elective

Thesis proposal completed and approved

Data collection

Data collection, analysis and writing Analysis and writing Final draft and defense

MGT 6991 Management Research Seminar Series (MRSS) – compulsory every term
until the student has attended the required total of 6 seminars

Core Courses (9 units)

  • MGT 5100 Research Design Methodologies and the Conduct of Research (3 units)
  • MGT 5300 Foundations of Management Theory (3 units)

At least one of the following courses:

  • MGT 5101 Multivariate Research Methods (3 units) OR
  • MGT 5102 Qualitative Research Methods (3 units)

Elective Courses (9 units)

Students, in consultation with their supervisor, select 9 units of elective courses in areas generally related to their chosen field and to their research topics. Students who complete all three core electives (listed below) and their thesis in one of the two fields will be awarded the MSc in Management with a concentration in that field.

N.B. The availability of these courses may alternate from year to year.

Innovation Management Field

  • MGT 6160 Systems of Innovation (3 units)
  • MGT 6161 Managing Corporate Innovations (3 units)
  • MGT 6169 Recent Topics in Innovation Management (3 units)

Entrepreneurship Field

  • MGT 6110 Entrepreneurial Process and Opportunity Recognition (3 units)
  • MGT 6111 Venture Capital and Private Equity (3 units)
  • MGT 6190 Research Topics in Management: Entrepreneurial Marketing (3 units)

Other Courses

  • MGT 6190 Research Topics in Management (3 units)
  • MGT 6990 Research Practicum (3 units): This practicum is for students who wish to complete a research project with an organization such as a company, a government department or agency, a non-profit organization, a think-tank, or a research institution. It aims to give interested students the opportunity to practice research skills acquired during the program. Over the course of a term, students must complete research activities and prepare a report, either individually or as a group, depending on the needs of the organization and the scope of the project.

    Prerequisite: Enrolment for the practicum must be approved by the program director.
  • MGT 6998 Directed Readings (3 units): Students can take no more than one Directed Readings (3 units) course. Note that Directed Readings cannot replace one of the core electives. With the approval of the program director, a Directed Readings course may exceptionally replace one of the mandatory electives specific to the concentration, but the topic must be directly relevant to the specific concentration.

    In addition to the above, courses from the MHA, MBA, EMP, and other graduate programs elsewhere on or off campus are permissible with the approval of the thesis supervisor, the MSc in Management program director, and the appropriate program director in the case of courses in other faculties and academic units and institutions.

Management Research Seminar Series (MRSS MGT 6991)

Students are required to attend at least 6 management research seminars over the course of their program. Some seminars will be delivered in English and some in French. Students will enrol continuously in the MGT 6991 Management Research Seminar Series every term from the beginning of their program.

The notation "CTN" (for continued) will be awarded each term until the successful completion of the seminar requirements, at which point a grade of S (satisfactory) or NS (non satisfactory) will be entered. A student who obtains the grade NS must withdraw from the program. The thesis supervisor, in the annual progress report for the student, will confirm attendance and active participation in the seminars.

Master's Thesis (12 units)

THM 7999 Master's in Management Thesis

Candidates enroled for the MSc in Management must submit to the Thesis Committee, before the end of the second term of enrolment in the program, a clearly defined research proposal that has been approved by their thesis supervisor.

A thesis research proposal is usually approved after its successful presentation to the supervisor and two examiners. A student whose proposal is not approved on the first attempt may be permitted to submit and present a second proposal. Failure to obtain approval following the second attempt will result in a grade of NS and the student’s withdrawal from the Program.

Once completed and submitted, the thesis will be examined by a committee comprised of the thesis supervisor and at least two other professors who are members of the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. 

Courses and Timetables  


MGT5100 A00    Research Design Methodologies and the Conduct of Research
MGT5300 A00    Foundations of Managements
MGT6991 F00     Management Research Seminar Series (MRSS)

MGT6101 A00    Theory of Finance

MGT6110 A00    Entrepreneurial Process and Opportunity Recognition                                                                                                                                                                                                   
MGT6161 A00    Managing Corporate Innovations

MGT6998 F00     Directed Readings


MGT5101 A00    Multivariate Research Methods
MGT5102 A00    Qualitative Research Methods
MGT6991 S00     Management Research Seminar Series (MRSS)

MGT6102 A00    Financial Risk Management and Derivative Securities
MGT6111 A00    Venture Capital and Private Equity 

MGT6112 A00    Social Entrepreneurship                                                                                                                                                                                  
MGT6160 A00    Systems of Innovation
MGT6169 A00    Recent Topics in Innovation Management 

MGT6190 A00    Entrepreneurship (Research Topic In Management)                                                                                                                                                          
MGT6998 S00     Directed Readings

MGT 6991 Management Research Seminar Series (MRSS) – compulsory every term until the student has attended the required total of 6 seminars


In addition to the electives listed in the above schedules, courses from the MHA, MBA, EMP, and other graduate programs elsewhere on or off campus are permissible with the approval of the thesis supervisor, the MSc in Management program director, and the appropriate program director in the case of courses in other faculties and academic units or institutions.

N.B. Any prerequisites are mandatory. See the list of recommended electives. (Not all courses are offered every year. Verify the University of Ottawa Course Timetable for course offering.)

About MBA and MHA Courses

MSc students choosing MBA courses as electives will be restricted to MBA 5XXX section B or E only and ADM/MBA/MHA 6XXX. All prerequisites must be respected.

Scheduling information for MBA and MHA courses is only indicated in the Telfer timetables. The course offering section of the University Website does not give these details. If there are any timetable changes during the year, the Telfer timetables will be updated, and enrol students will be informed immediately by email using the email. Therefore, it is important to read your emails and consult the timetables on a regular basis.

A particularity of the MBA and MHA programs is that each term is divided in two blocks. Some of the courses last 6 weeks and are worth 1.5 units, while others last 12 weeks and are worth 3 units. It is essential to verify the Telfer timetables online for the start and end date of the blocks, as well as rescheduling due to statutory holidays―make-up class dates are indicated on the timetable.

Note that unlike other graduate programs, MBA and MHA courses do NOT follow the University calendar. For example, the start date is usually earlier and there is no study break in October or February.

Course Syllabi

Course syllabi will be posted on virtual campus 2 -3 weeks prior to the starting date of the courses. Students must be enroled to have access. 


The exam schedules are generally posted before the end of the term, giving students plenty of time to plan accordingly (for MSc courses, see above; for ADM/MBA/MHA courses, see the Telfer timetables). Students must make the necessary arrangements to attend exams on the scheduled dates.

Deferred Exams

Requests to defer an exam must be submitted to the Graduate Office at least 2 weeks before the scheduled exam date. Students may only request a deferral on the following grounds: exam scheduling conflict, medical reasons, death in the family, business trip, or official religious holiday. Supporting documents will be required. Trips, unless they are work-related, and other personal commitments do not constitute valid reasons to defer an exam. Since the exam schedule is known well in advance, it is expected that the exams take precedence over personal trips and commitments. No exception will be permitted. Should a deferral be granted, the exam will be rescheduled as soon as possible, but after the regular exam.

Change of Grade on the Record

Revisions and appeals

The University recognizes the right of every student to see, on request after grading, all documents that have been used to establish their grade for courses in which they are duly enroled; the documents include those produced by the students themselves or evaluations written by supervisors (as part of work terms, clinical placements or internships).

The University also recognizes students' right to ask for a grade review and to appeal grades. The procedure to be followed is stipulated in Academic Regulation 10.3.

Enrolment and regulations


uoZone – Online Enrolment Procedures

The enrolment tool is accessible through uoZone. For further details, view the online tutorial.

You should then consult uoZone to confirm your enrolment and your statement of account.

It is important that your email and mailing addresses are up-to-date. If there have been changes since the time of your application, please make the necessary updates through uoZone.

uoZone does not permit students to change their classification (full-time/part-time), drop core courses, or enrol to a course that normally requires approval (such as Directed Readings or an elective from another faculty); such changes can only be made by the Telfer Graduate Office.  

Please view the Important dates and deadlines online for further information.


Minimum Standards

The minimum passing grade in all courses taken as part of the program is 65 to 69 per cent (C+). Students who incur failures in 2 courses (equivalent to 6 units) or whose thesis proposal is rejected twice (NS grade) must withdraw.

Entering Students

Welcome to the Telfer School of Management

We are pleased to welcome you to the Telfer School of Management Master’s of Science in Management program.

Conditions of Enrolment

You may be subject to conditions of enrolment (indicated on your Certificate of Admission) that must be satisfied prior to enrolment. We urge you to do so promptly to avoid any delays and related late enrolment fees.

Important academic dates and deadlines

Financial Matters

Tuition Fees

Please consult the University of Ottawa Website for complete details about tuition fees.

Late Fees

The enrolment deadline (including payment of tuition fees) is Septembre 22, 2016, after which a charge of $35 plus $10 per day will apply, up to a maximum of $100. If tuition fees are paid after the first week of September, an administration fee of $50 will also be charged. Payment may be made through online banking, in cash or with a cheque via InfoService. Please allow between 3 to 10 working days, depending on the method of payment used, for confirmation of your payment in your uoZone student account.

Medical and Dental Fees

All students must have medical and dental coverage. Only students who have provided proof of insurance under another plan will be entitled to a refund of the premium charged to their account. To be exempted, please contact the Graduate Students' Association (GSAÉD) and provide proof of coverage.

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is mandatory for all international students. For more information, click here

Delinquent Financial Account

Tuition and incidental fees must be paid prior to the beginning of each term. Any outstanding fees (unpaid tuition fees, late library fees, etc.) will prevent a student from enroling for the next term, obtaining official documents such as transcripts, confirming enrolment, etc.

Books and Supplies

Approximately $1500 should be allocated towards the cost of books and other material.


Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and awards, which are available throughout the year. Lists of available scholarships and their eligibility criteria appear on the following Web pages:

Telfer School of Management

Awards and Financial Support for MSc in Management

Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Scholarships and Financial Support

Recipients of an Admission Scholarship

For those who have been awarded an admission scholarship, note that it will be deposited into your student account once your enrolment is officially confirmed. It will appear in your Statement of Account (see your uoZone file) 24 hours after your online enrolment.

IMPORTANT: Admission scholarships worth $7500 per year for a maximum of two years (six terms), cover most of the tuition fees. This amount is divided equally over three term and applied toward the tuition and incidental fees. Recipients are responsible for the payment of the balance.


The Telfer School of Management has a number of teaching, research, marker and proctor positions for full-time graduate students. See the Web page Positions for Students for further details. There may be opportunities for employment in other faculties or departments depending on your qualifications.

Caution: Full-time students are limited to a maximum of 10 hours per week of paid employment per term, on and off campus.

Student Handbook, Forms and Guidelines

Student Handbook

The student handbook is intended as a guide and does not intend to replace or supersede academic regulations and policies. It is updated once a year, if you have any questions or concerns please contact the Graduate Program Office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration Forms

Thesis Forms and Guidelines

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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