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We Connect Students and Alumni With Original Thinkers

Telfer MBA conferences connect our students and alumni with original thinkers whose ideas are transforming business and management in Canada and around the world.

Access emerging wisdom and gain fresh insights

These forums enable our special guests to share emerging wisdom on practical business matters, such as leadership, finance, entrepreneurship, anti-corruption, performance management and business analytics. The conferences are also opportunities for our speakers to reveal fresh insights into the most current questions in management.

We are organizing new conferences regularly.

Recent conferences made it possible for Telfer MBA students, alumni and faculty members to gain a deeper appreciation of the challenges of IT consulting, the effect of social media on investment behaviour, the corrosive influence of business corruption on freedom, the emerging wisdom about starting businesses today and the joys of creating a new restaurant concept.

Create professional relationships and expand your business networks

Telfer MBA conferences also put our students and alumni in the company of dozens of leading executives and business professionals. These gatherings are valuable opportunities for our students and alumni to nurture relationships and expand their networks.

For alumni especially, the conferences are clear proof that the benefits of our program do not end when the diplomas are handed out. Telfer learning is a lifelong experience.

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