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Stay Connected and Take Advantage of All We Have to Offer

You’re part of a special group. Telfer School of Management is the academic home of more than 25,000 alumni, including some 5,000 Telfer MBA grads. These alumni live and work in dozens of countries over six continents.

Even though you’re no longer on campus every day, you remain a meaningful part of our program and our school. We want you to draw on our resources and achievements, and contribute to our continued growth and success.

Keep Learning and Engaging

This is still your program, still your school. We want you to keep engaging with Telfer MBA students and faculty members, and learning from our events and guest speakers:

Access Benefits and Services

We have secured many benefits and created an array of services for Telfer MBA alumni:

Get Connected and Stay Connected

As a Telfer MBA alumnus, your relationship with our program broadens to include a range of opportunities for you to enrich your professional life and the academic lives of our students. We have plenty of ways for you to get connected and stay connected:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or become a mentor to a Telfer MBA student
  • Subscribe to the Telfer E-bulletin
  • Learn more about the MBA Alumni Association
  • Catch up with our Alumni in the News 
  • Update your contact information or tell us about yourself by completing a profile

Alumni Stats at a Glance

Most recent graduate employment statistics:

were hired within 3 months
were hired within 9 months
average salary

Employment by Functional Area


Employment by Industry


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