University of Ottawa graduates Olivier Llorca (MBA 2016) and Siddhartha Garg (M. Sc. Electronic Business Technologies 2017) participated in an internship project — part of Telfer's MBA program — that gave them an opportunity to apply their knowledge and expertise. The two students, along with Ottawa-based company Beyond 20/20, were tasked with restructuring the existing "Crime Insight" program to make the user experience smoother and more interesting. The goal of the program is to make crime data in a given jurisdiction accessible to people looking for an accurate, up-to-date database. The students' internship was funded by the Business Innovation Access Program (NRC-IRAP).

The result was a resounding success and the program is now available in more than five States, including Tennessee.

Read the article posted by WSMV TV on April 19, 2018

« We were lucky enough to be made aware of the opportunity to have a couple of uOttawa students begin researching and laying the groundwork for a new and important revenue stream for our company. The students that worked on this project were motivated, skilled and had great attitudes about the work required to complete the project. They did not get discouraged and eventually delivered a proof of concept that is very much the base of the product being implemented across several U.S states including North Dakota, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri and South Carolina. »

- Del Khalife, Business Development Manager, Beyond 20/20

In commenting on what they learned, Olivier talked about his incredible experience and how crucial it is to ensure that the data provided is clear and intelligible to the target audience. "Because as powerful as your software is, it's hard sometimes for their potential and existing customers to really get a hand of the data and really use it the way they want."

MBA internships are one of a number of ways the Telfer School encourages and promotes experiential learning, enabling students to gain business experience, practical knowledge and real-world skills, while expanding their professional networks.

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