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Compensation Strategy and Performance Management Webinar

 |  Category: Webinars

On May 29th, the Telfer School of Management held a webinar discussing Compensation Strategy and Performance Management: Dramatic Changes and Implications in Response to COVID-19. The Speakers, Ian Cullwick, Partner at Mercer Canada and Telfer EMBA Faculty member, and Manon Laliberté, HR manager at the Ottawa Hospital discussed strategic context, board compensation, executive and workforce compensation, and workforce support.  Read more ›

student working on their laptop while sitting on a bench outside

 |  Category: Latest News

It is time for another fall semester at the Telfer School, but this one will be like no other as we are going 100% virtual. We want to make this new semester as seamless and stress-free as possible for you, so we have put together a list of needed tools and key resources for distance learning. Read more ›

Group of students studying at a table

 |  Category: Student Voice

Tired of visiting the same old study spots on campus? Looking for some cool, new scenery to put in some long study hours? Seeking a place to enjoy either a smooth espresso, fresh bagel, vegetarian buffet or even a homemade pie while you are at it? Your search ends now.  Read more ›

Telfer students at JDCC

 |  Category: Student Voice

If you’re a Commerce student or a student at the University of Ottawa, at some point, you are likely to have heard about JDCC (Jeux du Commerce Central).  Read more ›

Tabaret Building

 |  Category: Student Voice

The University of Ottawa is known for being the largest bilingual university in the world. Telfer’s French Immersion program will provide you with countless opportunities. My journey at Telfer in the French Immersion stream provided me with an experience like no other.   Read more ›

Teamwork online

 |  Category: Student Voice

Whether you are planning for Intopia or looking for information on how to work better with a team online, this blog should be more than helpful. Originally, I was going to write a blog about how to survive Intopia Online. My team did a great job, and we finished in 1st place as a wholesalers team. In March 2020, Sam Sutherland wrote 7 Tips and Tricks to Winning the Intopia Business Simulation, so considering how recent and similar it would be to mine, I instead wrote about the online Intopia experience and how you can use that to your advantage.   Read more ›

Do's and Don'ts list

 |  Category: Student Voice

Is the Telfer CO-OP program for you? If so, what company should you work for? What type of job should you get? What should you do to make the most out of your work experience?  Read more ›

Telfer students studying on the Tabaret lawn with their textbooks

 |  Category: Student Voice

In our last year of high school, at just 17 or 18 years old, we have big decisions to make that could definitely change our lives. It's hard to weigh all of our options and really trust that we will make the best decisions for our future. For myself, there were many reasons why I could have chosen to study elsewhere. Ultimately, there were even more reasons that drew me to study business law in Canada at the University of Ottawa. To simplify your own research on universities, here are the 7 reasons why I chose business law at uOttawa.  Read more ›

2020 Telfer and Patricia Ann O'Rourke Awards

 |  Category: Telfer Announcements

On June 24th, Telfer's Annual Excellence Recognition Assembly was held. Hosted by Dean François Julien, this annual summer meeting is an opportunity to highlight the efforts and exceptional work of the professors and administrative staff with awards assigned through votes by their peers.  Read more ›

A sad loss of former Professor, Tom Brzustowski

 |  Category: Latest News

It is with profound regret and sorrow that we have learned recently of the passing of our former professor Tom Brzustowski following a brief illness.  Read more ›

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