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Rethinking the System: The Lifelong Journey of Audrey-Claire Lawrence

 |  Category: National Indigenous History Month

At the age of 19, Audrey-Claire Lawrence (EMBA, 1997) started her teaching career in Rouyn-Noranda over 850 km away from Québec City where she has been living. Little did she know, this was only the beginning of a lifelong journey that would lead her to rethink Canada’s health and educational system.  Read more ›

business woman working at office holding glasses

 |  Category: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We are delighted to announce the release of the report, Entrepreneurship Policies through a Gender Lens by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD). This timely report contains a collection of 27 policy insight notes on long-running policy issues in women’s entrepreneurship support. OECD data and editorial insights reinforce the policy note findings. This report will be of interest to women entrepreneurs, policymakers, women’s enterprise advocates, and academics at a time when evidence-based sights are needed to drive post-pandemic recovery measures. Read more ›

Father and children in a farm

 |  Category: Community Engagement

A new Telfer study shows that traditional families with businesses often treat their children differently based on gender, including in succession planning and entrepreneurial education. We talked to two women raised in entrepreneurial families to learn how gender bias can affect women’s careers and experiences in entrepreneurship. They also shared some advice for family businesses.  Read more ›


 |  Category: Health Systems Management

Access and use of digital health tools remains uneven, and system interoperability inconsistent. Federal leadership is needed to drive change. Read more ›

Telfer is Officially a Principles for Responsible Management Education Signatory

 |  Category: Telfer Announcements

The Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) is a UN-supported initiative whose mission it is to transform management education, research and thought education leadership globally by providing the PRME framework, developing learning communities and promoting awareness about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Read more ›

Glen Orsak smiling

 |  Category: Latest News

The Telfer School of Management has just unveiled its Vision for a Better Canada. Director of Executive Programs, Glen Orsak, answers questions on how Telfer’s Executive Programs contribute to achieving this bold vision.  Read more ›

Clearwater Seafood Inc. Receives Valuation at the Winter 2021 Finance Capstone

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Telfer’s fourth-year Finance students complete their capstone course, Equity Valuation (ADM 4350), at the culmination of their studies. It is an opportunity for students to take all that they have learned throughout their years of study and apply it to a real-life situation. The students perform a case analysis of a chosen company to estimate the value of the organization and create an action plan to enhance its economic performance.  Read more ›

DECA uOttawa 2020 group picture

 |  Category: Student Voice

This past year has been unexpected to say the least, but the DECA uOttawa chapter made the most of it. As things changed, and classes and clubs went online, it was clear our annual events would look a bit different. Nonetheless, with the club being led by co-presidents Ethan Koloditzky and myself, Sydney Hutchison, we were determined to give delegates an authentic DECA experience.  Read more ›

Three Tips for Self-Love During Mental Health Week and Beyond

 |  Category: Student Voice

As students, we know how hard it is to find time to give yourself some much-needed self-love, but it is important to make sure that mental health is a priority. You don’t have to simply replace your time with just scrolling on Instagram or TikTok, you can do so much more to bring yourself the needed self-love into your life.  Read more ›

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