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Programs that are designed and delivered specifically for your organization offer the opportunity to address specific organizational needs and effect change across the organization. They can serve to build alignment across a team and enable all participants to share a common experience and language for leadership development conversations. They send a clear message that senior management is committed to collective success as well as individual achievement. 

A custom program:

  • builds teamwork and breaks down silos between business units and levels;
  • ensures leaders across the organization share a common leadership experience and language;
  • establishes organization-wide alignment on what is required for high performance;
  • signals commitment to collective success;
  • aligns the organization during periods of major change and challenge; and,
  • is cost effective for development involving various groups and levels.

Custom programs designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization, or for specific professional audiences, will provide a greater impact on your organization and a higher return on your investment. A common learning experience supports the change management process and implementation of new strategic initiatives, business processes and products or services. Programs designed specifically for your business provide:

  • curriculum that suits the context, strategies and objectives of your organization;
  • content which addresses the common challenges and experiences of participants;
  • cases and exercises selected or created for you that reinforce the unique learning objectives that you have;
  • partnership with other specialists, organizations and universities who bring expertise and insight;
  • course designs which meet your timeframes and availability of your leaders; and,
  • detailed reports on participant evaluations and key learnings throughout and upon conclusion of the program.

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