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Manager of Strategy and Planning
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Claudia Levac

Who was your favourite movie growing up? What put it above the other movies you have seen?

Growing up as the youngest of six children was interesting, crowded, a little rowdy but definitely fun; growing up as the only girl in the bunch was flat-out awesome. As the “little one” though, I was always a little too slow to keep up without someone waiting or a little too short to reach without help or too young to get all of the inside jokes without an explanation. But amongst my favourite memories is one that we all relished: camping out in the middle of the living room to watch all three original Star Wars movies. My brothers would connect the speakers to our old stereo into the TV to create a make-shift surround sound system while someone started the popcorn; and with all of us piled into the living room with our blankets and pillows, we’d turn out the lights and wait for the iconic music to start. I usually fell asleep half-way through…being the little one.


What would you say was a turning point in choosing the Telfer Executive MBA?

A few years ago, I started contemplating returning to school. I did some research and spoke to my family, but every step of the way was fraught with roadblocks. I put aside any thoughts of returning to school, ever. That is, until a few short months ago when I started to hear about the Telfer EMBA. I wasn’t looking for it nor researching it; however, the words Telfer EMBA kept reaching my ears in some form or another. People recommending it, hearing people speak of it on the bus, and even speaking to alumni, people who I have spoken to regularly without even knowing they had completed the program. I started by re-discussing it with my family and work, reading, asking, and the moment I did, all the original roadblocks were gone. That’s when I decided I was going to do this


What do you admire in a leader or mentor? Do you have someone who you consider a strong mentor or leader within your life?

Most young children are quick to name their parents amongst their mentors, although they tend to use words like ‘hero’ or ‘idol’ or ‘champ’. It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I confirmed that my mother, who passed away over 20 years ago, was and will continue to be my mentor for the rest of my life. I had always considered her thus when I was young, but it was only when I had had my own girls that the extent of her hard work and accomplishments truly dawned on me. To have immigrated so far from her family to a new country in the spirit of adventure was, to me, an act of courage and perseverance. And to have thrived in her adopted home and completed her own Master’s while working full-time and raising her children was again, something to aspire to. If I can at least achieve the same sense of humour she maintained throughout her life, I will consider it a lesson learned and applied.

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