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eBusiness Senior Advisor
Dell Technologies
Charles Medina

Thinking back to your childhood, was there a particular profession you dreamed of entering when you were an adult?

From as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a lawyer. My interest in law was due to my love of shows on the topic such as, Law and Order, LA Law and my interest in John Grisham books. Also, I was always a person that enjoyed being the Devil’s Advocate and arguing my point until the other side’s opinion had changed or I won the argument. Lastly, one of my best friend’s dad when growing up was an international lawyer and always made such an impression on me that I began aspiring to be like him.


What would you say was a turning point in choosing the Telfer Executive MBA?

I believe that the turning point in choosing the Telfer Executive MBA program was coming to the events and speaking with alumni. Learning about everyone, their backgrounds and what they got from the program it showcased to me that this was something that I could take on and accomplish. Before this, I was always hesitant because of the time and monetary investment needed. However, after attending all these events, meeting the alumni and current candidates it revealed that this is something I could do.


What do you admire in a leader or mentor? Do you have someone who you consider a strong mentor or leader within your life?

I admire many different characteristics in a leader or mentor. The most important for me is someone that tells me what I need to hear (good or bad) and always has my best interests in mind. I do have someone that I consider a strong mentor in my life. He was once my direct manager but our relationship has evolved into a friendship. I make it a point of speaking to him at least once a month and I feel comfortable asking him anything because I know he will steer me in the right direction.

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