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Leah Wellstein

What was your craziest experience or most unique experience you have had while vacationing?

When I was 23, my sister and I rented a car in Puerto Rico and drove around the island for a few weeks, stopping in the small beach towns along the way. One of the most memorable experiences on this trip was kayaking on a moonless night at 3 a.m. in the morning in a bioluminescent bay. The water becomes illuminated by every splash and every movement by disturbing the tiny single-celled microorganisms that lived beneath. As we jumped out of our kayaks into the water, the complete darkness that we had been surrounded by was lit up with what looked like thousands of tiny little stars and our bodies left a trail of glowing water behind us. It was a truly surreal experience.


What made you decide to enroll within the Telfer Executive MBA program?

I first chose the Telfer Executive MBA solely based off a single recommendation from my sister who had previously completed the program a few years back. After doing my research and discussing it with other alumni from the program, I realized how many people had experienced amazing transformations individually and how great the impact of the program was on them professionally and personally. I truly felt as though the program helped everyone grow into a more experienced and critically-thinking individual. I was drawn to the collaborative, team environment that the program was built around and can’t wait to experience it myself.


What do you admire in a leader or mentor? Do you have someone who you consider a strong leader or mentor within your life?

To me, a leader or mentor is someone I respect, who can guide a team to success by being supportive of everyone’s individual needs, communicating effectively and with passion and humility, and making hard decisions based on the overall good and health of the team. An effective leader is someone who doesn’t just delegate, but is right there with the team getting the work done. My sister has always been a strong mentor in my life, and has help guide me to making the right decisions to better myself personally and professionally.

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