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Job Title
Management Consultant
Halo Management Consulting Inc.
Adam  Lebel

Thinking back to your childhood, was there a particular profession you dreamed of entering when you were an adult?

At the age of four I developed an unbridled passion for ice hockey. Chasing the dream of becoming a professional hockey player, I determinedly played competitive hockey for the next seventeen years of my life. Although I no longer aspire to become a professional hockey player, my love for the sport has not wavered and is everlasting. Playing competitive hockey for seventeen years has been an integral part of my life, and I have incorporated many of the ubiquitous skills and life-lessons learned from hockey into my personal and professional life. Whether it be the leadership qualities I developed as a captain of two championship teams, my relentless determination to strive to be the best I can be, motivating and inspiring others to work hard for continuous improvement, or the importance of sportsmanship and co-operation to reach a common purpose, I am confident that I am a better individual thanks to hockey.

What made you decide to enroll within the Telfer Executive MBA program?

I was not seeking a singular-dimensional learning environment characterized by passive learning with minimal interaction. Rather, I am most comfortable and flourish in a class setting where I can be inspired to be intellectually vibrant and reach my potential, surrounded by and interacting with like-minded, motivated professionals. The Telfer Executive MBA learning platform delivers in this regard and was the optimal choice for me to develop critical managerial skills and master business acumen while continuing to work. The ability to actively engage and work with client organizations in a “live” setting domestically, and outreach internationally was most appealing. My overall decision was anchored in the conviction that I can leverage the intrinsic value of the Telfer Executive MBA Program to grow as a learner, leader, and person during this twenty-one month journey.


What do you admire in a leader or mentor? Do you have someone who you consider a strong leader or mentor within your life?

I admire how a leader inspires others by igniting the flame within. Altruistic leaders encompass and inhabit attributes concomitant with courage, determination, and passion that position themselves suitable to lead. To have the ability to truly lead others necessitates that one is first efficaciously capable to lead one’s own self. I admire an individual’s ability to self-motivate, govern, and aspire so ardently that it contagiously attracts and inspires admirers to follow. My parents will forever be the leaders that I aspire to be, showing me how to overcome fear, take chances, and be comfortable with who I am. Regardless of the challenge, obstacle, or uncertainty, they have ignited my flame and inspire me to never give up, follow my dreams, and be happy.

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