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Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Canadian Institute of Health Research
Jonathan  Faulkner

Jonathan, what would you say was the most unique experience you have had while vacationing?

I am originally from Nova Scotia and have incredibly fond memories of our family summer vacations where we rented cottages and spent time at the beach.   I finally got to give my daughters their first real “Nova Scotian Experience” three summers ago.  We bought a used pop-up camping trailer and spent 15 straight days on the road. We played on the red mud flats, dug for clams, swam in the warm water of the Northumberland Straight, splashed in the (very cold) breaker waves on the South Shore and went whale watching off Long Island in the Bay of Fundy.  We had an incredible time and these long camping road trips continue to be a family standard for us in the summer.


Choosing to complete an Executive MBA is a big consideration. After reviewing the various masters’ programs available, why did you choose to enroll in the Telfer Executive MBA Program?

I spent a lot of time doing my research on MBA and Executive MBA programs before selecting the Telfer Executive MBA.  For me there were several key factors that led me to select Telfer.  First is the fact that the program runs weekly with in-person classes as this is a really important aspect to me.  I learn best in this type of setting and thrive on the social aspects of the experience. My second factor was that I wanted to develop a strong, local network.  It was obvious from day one that this is a focus of the Telfer Executive MBA program and the strength of their alumni network speaks volumes. The final factor was the Signature Series of Six Business Consulting projects that provide a real hands-on learning experience which again fits with my learning style. It will allow me to apply my new skills in a real-world setting.


Is there any not-for-profit organizations or clubs which you support? What draws you to this cause?

I have three young daughters and for the past two years I have chaired the Parent’s Council at their school.  It was an incredible experience working with an amazing group of dedicated parents, teachers and volunteers to create a vibrant community and better learning environment for our children. We have been able to fundraise over the past few years for a new play structure, support new technology in the school (laptops, tablets, projectors and AV for the school play), as well as help catalyze the Mamawi together mural and a lecture series as our small part of Truth and Reconciliation.  It’s been a wonderful way to be part of my children’s learning. They are in far better hands this year as my wife has taken over the charge!

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