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Job Title
Branch Manager
BMO Bank of Montreal
Eugeniya Tsetlin

Tell us an interesting fact that we do not know about you Eugeniya. Do you have a unique talent or hobby?

One of my hobbies is painting. As a child, I failed miserably at playing piano so my parents decided to place me in to an art school which I attended every weekend for next six years. The skill and passion took time to develop but my admiration of arts grew more and more every day. When I moved to USA back in 2012, it wasn’t the banking career that I chose to pursue but rather do something that, although was still in management, was primarily arts related. I occupied a role of the Creative Director at a Not-For-Profit Organization that offered unconventional learning and development for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Additionally, I managed an art gallery; the role that allowed me to hone my event planning and coordinating skills, reconnect with the art world, learn about curating, work with artists from various backgrounds, and much more. My favorite memory of the almost two years’ life and experience in Colorado, USA was my own art exhibit. I discovered my style that proved to be popular and avant-garde.


There are many compelling reasons to undertake an Executive MBA Program. What is your goal for the Telfer Executive MBA Program?

My initial goal was to gain enough knowledge and experience to become a leader with vision, knowledge and other necessary skills so that I could be more marketable to companies looking to hire a leader. I was looking for the “no reason” for my company not to promote me to senior leadership roles that will allow me to influence the difference that I want to make in my organization.

I realized that there was more to it than that after I participated in the Executive MBA Orientation session. I was never fortunate enough to have a mentor. I often feel like a blind kitten who found herself alone on the streets and must now learn to not only survive in the corporate world but become a contributing member of the society and organization. Telfer Executive MBA offered me the community that makes me feel at home and the place where I finally know I belong.


What qualities do you admire in a mentor?

A mentor is someone who commands respect with their experience, IQ & EQ, network and status. It is someone who is successful, confident and self-sufficient; they know where they stand and need not prove anything to anyone. It is a person who has “been there, done that” and willingly offers to share the wisdom by helping the mentee avoid some of the mistakes that would hurt them and their business/career. A mentor keeps it real; no sugar coating the tough truths or trying to make the learning experience and personal development easier that it is. There is no competition, no personal interest other than the sense of pride and accomplishment from knowing that their mentorship contributed to their mentee’s success. And finally, a mentor has enough humility to hope for gratitude but doesn’t demand or expect it in any shape or form. I try to be that person to those who have what it takes and clearly demonstrate their desire to succeed. I also often wish I had a mentor of my own. 

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