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Job Title
Business Development Advisor
Pendopharm, Division of Pharmascience Inc.
Jennifer Shuchat

Jennifer, what would you say was the craziest or most unique experience you have had while vacationing?

Having experienced Las Vegas through my attendance at various trade shows and conferences, I returned to the city for a four day getaway with my mother, her friend and daughter. Armed with my knowledge of the city, I excitedly showed my mother the sites and we enjoyed quality time over delicious meals and lavish shows inherent with the Las Vegas experience.

After experiencing a couple of days in the lavish but artificial world of Vegas, we thought it would be a great idea to take a three hour guided kayaking trip to the Hoover dam. As luck would have it, the currents were flowing up stream and our journey rapidly devolved into an eight hour odyssey through rough waters. As the sun set, it became dark and cold; and it was readily apparent that we were in for a harrowing evening of survival on the water. With a glimmer of light in the distance as our guide, we paddled to shore where we were welcomed by emergency services and the United States Coast Guard.


Choosing to complete an Executive MBA is a big consideration. After reviewing the various masters’ programs available, why did you choose to enroll in the Telfer Executive MBA Program?

As a kinesthetic learner, I have had to find alternative learning methods in order to achieve my goals.  I discovered that the key to my success is to constantly push myself to evolve by continually setting new strategic objectives and challenging myself personally and professionally. The fundamental reason I believe that the Telfer Executive MBA is a perfect fit for me is that it is one of the few programs that encourages and enables its candidates to absorb the theory in a practical sense placing content, along with experiences, directly into practice. On completion of the program, I endeavor to broaden my business acumen and further acquire new qualitative and quantitative skills that are demanded by industry. I eagerly anticipate the personal and professional transformation that I will experience over the coming 21 months. 


What do you admire in a leader or mentor? Do you have someone who you consider a strong leader or mentor within your life?

I have had the good fortune to be mentored by personal and professional mentors throughout my life. From a young age, my family instilled core values that guide my professional and personal conduct and further enhance my interpersonal relationships to this day. Additionally I have had the strategic opportunity in my career to be guided by true corporate visionaries who have simultaneously believed in my potential and driven my professional growth. All of these people have inspired me to be a better businesswoman, colleague and corporate citizen. I endeavor to refine this knowledge and skillset throughout my experience at Telfer, and to subsequently pass this experience on to the next generation.

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