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General Manager
Westend Bath & Kitchen Centre
Chaba Sabo

Thinking back to your childhood, was there a particular profession you dreamed of entering when you were an adult?

As a child my dream was to become a physician in order to help people in need. I was biased a bit since my mother was working as a nurse in a local clinic in our village and seeing how she was loved and respected made me want to be just like her. This dream of mine quickly vanished once I found out that I have a fear of needles. Since I was also a well-rounded athlete playing soccer, basketball, and handball, I had imagined becoming a physical education teacher. However shortly after coming to Canada I found an employment in a high-tech company and decided to pursue my carrier as an engineer.


What would you say was the turning point in choosing the Telfer Executive MBA?

After completing my undergraduate studies I had decided that I never wanted to go back to school again. It took me years to realize that in order to become a successful professional the learning must continue. I have taken various short-term courses online but with limited feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction; I needed more. Following an information session and an evening special event there was no question in my mind that the Telfer Executive MBA is the ideal choice for me. It will give me all the necessary skills to become a more complete person as well as build a strong professional network consisting of likeminded individuals. I especially like the idea of the six consulting projects where one can gain valuable experience outside of his or her field of expertise.


What do you admire in a leader or mentor? Do you have someone who you consider a strong leader or mentor within your life?

In order to become a strong leader one should possess the following attributes: ambitious, decisiveness, acceptance, criticism, flexibility, supportive, encouraging, determined and last but not least the ability to lead by example. These qualities can’t be taught in school or learned from books, it has to come from within. I have had a team leader in my high-tech days who fit the description completely. He was firm but also easily approachable. We all knew what to expect from him at any time, but the most of all he was an extremely good listener and this gave him the ability to make informed decisions while receiving a constant feedback from us. I have learned a great deal from him.


Originally Posted: October 30, 2014


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