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Senior Manager Enterprise Risk Services

Thinking back to your childhood, what did you aspire to be when you grew up?

Born and raised in one of the oldest cities in Egypt and the world, Alexandria inspired me to read more on Egypt history. The more I read, the more I was convinced that I wanted to be an Egyptologist. I always had questions when I was young and wondered how Ancient Egyptians, who lived more than 7000 years ago, were so advanced to build the Great Pyramids without the technology we know today. I also stood stunned before the mummies and wondered how the ancient Egyptians discovered ways to preserve human bodies for thousands of years. All these thoughts stimulated me to be an archeologist, particularly in Egyptian history, in hopes of finding answers to all of these questions.


Choosing to complete an executive MBA is a big consideration. After reviewing the various masters’ programs available, why did you choose to enroll in the Telfer Executive MBA?

With more than 16 years of experience, I have had the chance to learn and practice most of the technical skills related to my profession. However, I started to realize that technical skills alone will not advance me any further and that developing analytical skills are as much important as technical skills. Fortunately, the Telfer Executive MBA has been structured in a manner to provide the right balance of technical, analytical, and interpersonal skills which are necessary tools for the success of any manger in today’s business.


What do you admire in a leader or mentor? Do you have someone who you consider a strong leader or mentor within your life?

A leader or a mentor should be persistent and never gives up. If he wants something, he set his sights on it and does not stop until his goals are achieved. I was blessed to have a father who was of that kind. He always inspired me by his way in dealing with difficult situations. Even now after becoming a father myself, I still seek his support whenever faced with tough situations.


Originally Posted: November 5, 2014


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