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Software Developer
Samer Agie

Samer, when you were young what did you aspire to be when you grew up?

I was ten years old when my father came in one day and handed me a blue box. I opened it and with amazement and excitement saw ‘it’ for the first time. It was made of white plastic and nicely laid out with both light and dark gray keys; it was my first ever computer - the MSX! I read its "BASIC" programming language manual and developed a few small programs. I immediately fall in love with my new computer. It was at this time when I decided software development to be my career. Fast forward to twelve years later when I graduated from the university holding a Computer Engineering degree and began first fifteen years of software development career leading me to today.


There are many options when considering a Master’s degree program. What would you say was a turning point in choosing the Telfer Executive MBA?

I have fulfilled my childhood dream when I started my software development career. I have led many teams to success, accomplished excellent reputation, and was among the top performers in any project I was involved in. At some point in early 2014, in one of those moments when I stopped and thought "where do I see myself in ten years from now?". It was then when I realized I still haven't used my full potential, and decided to grow my business skills to be a top leader. With the support of my lovely wife, I decided to obtain an MBA degree. Living in Ottawa was a blessing, as I found the Telfer Executive MBA program, with its Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects, and the incredible network of professors, alumni, and speakers, to be the best program to enroll in.


Samer, is there a particular charity you support or community work you have completed recently for a not for profit organization. What draws you to this cause?

I have played soccer my entire childhood at every possible chance I had. Since graduating from the university and subsequently starting my career and I have rarely had the time to play, but I still hold a love for the sport. I registered my eight year old son and 10 year old daughter in the Ottawa South United (OSU) Soccer Club for the entire Summer this year. Seeing the opportunity to spend more time with them I volunteered to coach their teams. It was a wonderful experience! I enjoyed being involved with my kids as well as coaching children on their teams. In addition, it was an opportunity for me to practice my leadership skills by teaching the children more than just soccer skills, but also the value of team work, learning from their mistakes, self-discipline as well as commitment.

Originally Posted: October 16, 2014

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