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Innovation Networks Advisor
National Research Council Canada
Taylor Bildstein

Taylor, there are many reasons to choose to complete an Executive MBA. Why did you choose the Telfer Executive MBA when evaluating your options?

I am a high energy person with an insatiable appetite for new experiences and knowledge. I seek out projects that will have impact in the world and when I find them, I easily become fully immersed in my work.

I am excited by the Telfer Executive MBA program because it is an opportunity to mix with some of Ottawa`s most talented and ambitious individuals and to learn from them while working on real projects. I think this is an excellent program for adults with practical knowledge and diverse experiences to share with their peers.

My aim, in participating in the Executive MBA program, is to be at the top of my game, where I have the opportunity to work with the very best people on the most exciting projects. The practical learning from this program will position me for a strong and rewarding career over the next 20 years and more.


What qualities do you admire in a mentor, Taylor? Do you have someone you consider a strong mentor in your own life?

One of the people who has influenced my thinking so far in my career is Dr Michael Battaglia, a science leader from Australia. He and I share a love of reading and although I have lived in Canada since 2008, he still shares books with me and passes on recommendations. He once said to me that if I want to learn about leadership, read great literature.

Another influencer is Rick Snell, who supervised my Masters in Journalism and Media Studies thesis. I admire Rick for his incredible dedication to his students and his willingness to pioneer new teaching methods, including making journaling and personal reflection part of the coursework. Students always know they can find him at his book stall at the Saturday market for an impromptu consultation and this brings the learning out of the university classroom and into the community.

Originally Posted: October 9, 2014

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