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Nadine Clément

Nadine, thinking back to your adolescence was there a particular job you dreamed of doing when you grew up?

I told my mom I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up because they made a lot of money. During a visit to the doctor’s office on day, my mom told me to ask questions to the doctor about becoming a doctor when I grew up. The Doctor told me that I must have good grades and be prepared to be in school for a long, long time. After my visit to the Doctor’s office, I changed my mind.


Choosing to complete an Executive MBA is a big consideration. What would you say was the turning point for you in choosing to complete the Telfer Executive MBA Program?

The turning point for choosing the Telfer Executive MBA for me happened when I attended the June 11 Information Session  “From Silicon Valley to Guangzhou”. When the three panel members gave their experiences and what the program had provided to them, I decided wanted that too. I especially wanted to experience what Sachelle had during the Program. I recall her describing her experience and said that after a very successful International Business Consulting Trip she took a week of vacation and visited the Wall of China. She felt so proud of her accomplishment and that is why I have joined the Telfer Executive MBA program.


What qualities do you admire in a mentor? Do you have someone you consider a strong mentor in your own life?

A mentor for me is someone I can look up to, who provides guidance, support and advice. I had the opportunity to have the best mentor that a young procurement officer could ask for within in my career.  Robert Armstrong was my boss and mentor from 2006-2009. He showed me the ropes, let me shadow and always supported me. To this day, I still call him  for advice and now can say that he is more than a mentor or former boss, he is a great friend.


Posted: September 16, 2014

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