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Job Title
Deputy Director, Major Crown Projects Program
House of Commons
Sophie  Bolduc

Sophie, thinking back to your adolescence was there a particular job you dreamed of doing when you grew up?

Having to select a profession in my youth, that would later become my career and my life, seemed like an impossible decision for me to make at that age. I was interested and fascinated by so many subjects at that time in my life. My parents professional and educational backgrounds guided my journey and I am grateful for the privilege of the numerous potential options that were provided to me.

I selected the McGill School of Architecture in the end, knowing that it would fulfill my artistic and scientific interests. My instincts were correct because architecture allowed me to explore and discover new horizons; this included opportunities to enrich my managerial interests. In my current role as director I feel gratified with the day-to-day challenges that I face, yet in all humbleness, I realize that there is always something new to learn or skills to improve.


There are many compelling reasons to undertake an Executive MBA Program. What is your goal for the Telfer Executive MBA Program?

As the Deputy Director of the Major Crown Projects Program within the House of Commons, my primary goal for pursuing the Telfer Executive MBA Program is to acquire the business acumen that will provide me with a competitive advantage to progress within my career.

I anticipate this twenty-one month program will be both a challenging and stimulating experience where I will be learning from some of the finest professors and professionals within the business world. I am also looking forward to being inspired by colleagues who equally continue to push their own limits and have seasoned experiences to share from managing their own successful careers.

This program will enhance my existing private and public sector experiences, widen my professional network base, provide me with additional and effective tools for leading teams and managing programs while also launching the next chapter of my career.


What qualities do you admire in a mentor? Do you have someone you consider a strong mentor in your own life?

I respect leaders mostly for their tact, communication skills, ability to influence, dedication to their profession and conscientiousness towards promoting the well-being of others.

My career mentor has been André Bernard a sole practicing architect who provided me with my first professional opportunity after graduating from McGill University. He pulled me  from the classroom environment directly onto construction sites where he taught me the discipline of project delivery, the basics of negotiation and the importance of self-confidence. His own career has been and continues to be an inspiration for me. André has created his own unique path by stepping away from mainstream and maintaining his focus on the promotion of his personal business and his passion of architecture and construction. I have also always admired his exceptional work ethic, proactive approach to problem solving and ability to adapt in this ever changing economic climate.

Originally Posted: September 12, 2014


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