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Director of Operations
RocheBanyan Inc.
Tamara Baird

Tamara, thinking back to your adolescence was there a particular job you dreamed of doing when you grew up?

My passion for horses started at the age of ten. I remember vividly the day my parents told me that my favourite horse, Joe, from riding school, was going to be my horse. Even better, three of his stable mates would be boarded at our farm. Tending to the horses in the years to come was not only my “happy time,” but was the start of my passion for business. Interacting with boarders, vets, farriers, etc., was the beginning of my business acumen. Fusing my personal passion with a business venture was my answer and proved to be my future career path.

Choosing to complete an Executive MBA is a big consideration. After reviewing the various masters’ programs available, why did you choose to enroll in the Telfer Executive MBA Program?

I am confident that the Telfer Executive MBA Program will enrich and maximize my educational endeavours. I look forward to peer-to-peer and live professor engagement to leverage their experience and diversity. Telfer Executive MBA’s concentration on teamwork is more in line with my personal style and reflects real-world work situations. The Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects will provide me with real-time practical interaction with business clients with built-in expectations. Canada comprises less than 3% of the world’s economy – global opportunities are paramount. We are living in an era of mergers and acquisitions with conglomerates building steam, therefore, international awareness is powerful. Having access to qualified faculty and leaders during my studies is just as important to me as is the access to the alumni association and networking opportunities after graduation. A local connection matters in this respect.

What qualities do you admire in a mentor? Do you have someone you consider a strong mentor in your own life?

My most influential leader has changed my perception of leadership by his authenticity. I was previously mesmerized by characteristic such as articulate dialect and meticulous personal appearance. Today it is those who are more interested in listening that command my attention. My mentor and leader isn’t quick to make a decision or demand someone to follow. Instead of disagreeing, he smiles. He does not chastise nor condescend. He is not judgmental, but open to helping resolve conflict in that regard. He selects his words wisely. My mentor has taught me more by saying very little than I ever thought possible.

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