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Telfer Executive MBA Director Sophia Leong is traveling overseas, joining the Ontario Trade Mission to China as a representative of the University of Ottawa.

The Trade Mission, led by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and includes 60 Ontario organizations involved science and technology, will focus on putting Ontario in the forefront of Chinese government officials and potential customers and business partners.

“I feel very strongly that I need to make practical agreements and that we need to have tangible results from these trips because this is not about my world travel,” Premier Wynne told the Toronto Star prior to her trip abroad.

The mission has proven to provide these tangible results which Premier Wynne was hoping to achieve. Accompanying firms on the mission were successful in signing $966 million in new investments, including the generatation of 1,795 jobs, which includes ‎325 at telecom giant Huawei in Canadian headquarters in Markham as well as in the Ottawa location.


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