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More than forty members of the Telfer Executive MBA community gathered at Mooney’s Bay at 8 a.m. on Saturday June 23rd to race in the Tim Horton’s Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival. 

Two Telfer Executive MBA teams, the alumni’s Telfer Thunder and the candidates’ Telfer Torpedos, have participated in the Ottawa festival for the past five years as an outlet to foster networking, community giving and, of course, loads fun.  

While the races themselves are short in duration, the time spent at the team site fosters conversations and builds relationships between multiple years of the Telfer Executive MBA community. Alumni, candidates and families who are not actively paddling in the race are also encouraged to stop by tent site and to cheer on their peers.  

A tradition of friendly competition has developed between the alumni and candidate teams over the years, competing for the best race time.  Alumni’s Telfer Thunder were ahead in the competition entering the day, holding the best time in three of the last five years. 

The 2018 Experience

Both teams were entered in the education category and staged for their first race at 8:30 a.m.  Teams gave themselves one last practice run as they made their way to the starting line at the opposite end of the bay, before the 500m race for the finish line began. 

The outcome of the first race placed the Alumni’s Thunder ahead in the competition for 2018. They almost didn't place at all after almost failing their second rule established back in 2014 of not tipping the boat as it became unbalanced at the before beginning of the race, flowing water into the boat. They regained balance and continued in the race, setting a personal best time for their team at 02:27:66.

Teams enjoyed some down time before their next race at thet tent site networking with their peers and newly acquanted alumni members. 

The two teams competed in separate heats in their second race, staging at 2:40 and 2:50 p.m. The Telfer Torpedoes completed their second race in just under 11 seconds faster than their morning time, crossing the finish line at 2:32.53.  Telfer Thunder paddled hard down the 500m lane trying their best to set another personal best again. Crossing the finish line at 2:28:03, they lacked only 0.5 of a second from tying their personal best set earlier in the day, but they did retain their reign in the Thunder vs. Torpedoes annual competition. 

Telfer Thunder Roster

  • Melissa Olegario
  • Tina Asselin
  • Jennifer Hyland
  • Taylor Bildstein
  • Lorraine Gardiner
  • Nicole Sigouin
  • Peter Evans
  • Will Bruce
  • Pino Dicorato
  • Mark Campbell
  • Kevin Sterling
  • John Texeira
  • Warren Tkachuk
  • Michael Groh
  • Lee Hyland
  • Sachin Golechha
  • Peter Krajcovic
  • Dale Myers
  • Amy Tremblay
  • Jessie Adamson
  • Tanya Gracie
  • Greg Cardona

Telfer Torpedoes Roster

  • Adam Lebel
  • Renren Bai
  • Nina Vuthy
  • Diana Prenoveau
  • Megan Ryder-Burbidge
  • Claudia Levac
  • Michael Davidson
  • Dilraj Sedev
  • Bart Pleszewski
  • Michael Barrie
  • Alex Contu
  • Steve Gauthier
  • Suhail Al-Naswari
  • Binder Khangura
  • Asad Al-Sabbah
  • Jennifer Dixon
  • Yuri Motta
  • Sabbie Duthie

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