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Teams from the Class of 2016 wrote about their anticipation and experiences of their recent International Business Consulting Trip to Shanghai, PR China in a series of blogs. You are currently reading the fifth blog in the series.

The Finish Line is Here!

By Team 3

As we wrap up the week in Shanghai, we feel a sense of pride to have accomplished so much in the last 21 months. Reflecting on all challenges, meeting deadlines, group assignments, individual assignments, six consulting projects, including a big summer project and this final project, it’s unreal that this journey is actually coming to an end.

Class of 2016 Finance Course  We each had our own reasons to join the program twenty one months ago; some for career progression, some for career shifts and others to continue their life-long learning goals.  We each came from different professional and personal backgrounds as well as levels education but we all had the same goal for joining the program and that was to get our degree. When we all came together at the orientation weekend at the end of August in 2014 we felt an immediate comradery within the team but also within our cohort class.

Looking back at some of our professors, as a group we can certainly agree on the most memorable professors that have made a lasting impression on us as well as those who had shown their unique style of teaching to the class

  • Justin Ferabee taught “The World of a General Manager” course during the first year which provided us with our first introduction to business strategy. His teaching method, experience and engagement provided such great insights and learnings.
  • Pavel Andreev (Data Analysis) and Jamal Hejazi (Economics) are both very passionate about the subject and were able to provide the learnings in an engaging, exchanging and fun environment.
  • Samir Saadi (Corporate Finance) ensured that everyone learned and came to understand the world of Corporate Finance. He made sure that everyone understood the materiel through both humour and discussions.
  • Guy Laflamme (Marketing) taught us that marketing is a lot more than promotion and advertising. As a professional in the Ottawa municipality, Guy could certainly back assertions with many practical examples.
  • Dana Hyde (Management Consulting) provided us with the foundation of management consulting which was instrumental for all of our six consulting projects. Dana’s experience, patience, advice and openness provided us with the learnings to get through our 21 months.
  • Jonathan Calof (Strategy and Multinational Corporation and Strategy) provided us with the required knowledge, skills and abilities to help make us confident and excited about our consulting international engagements.

Class of 2016 in Silicon ValleyAfter our first year and our Innovation ane Entrepreneurship Consulting Trip to Silicon Valley, we took time to keep in touch over the summer holiday. Some of us participated on the Telfer candidate team Dragon Boat event, Pino organized a team in the Hope Volleyball Tournament while others took to enjoying afternoon get-togethers on a patio from time-to-time.  

Even with the long hours, endless reading materials that built up every week, our full time jobs, limited time with our families and loved ones, we learned essential skills during the program. Some of these skills were the icing on top of the skills foundation we were expected to learn like being efficient with our time and learning to identify how to quickly prioritize your day.

We had many high points during our program.  There was a sense of triumph when we delivered our first consulting project for our marketing class at the end of the first year in the program. In this project, we provided value to our client, “the Boys and Girls London Ontario”, and as a result during the summer, Wade Haney of our team was appointed to be one of the Board of Directors.  We learned a year later that they were able to increase their subscription in their summer camp programs by 25% after implementing some of our team’s recommendations.. Each one of us felt delighted when we accomplished the individual business consulting projects during the summer with different clients and in different industries. There was a sense of vanity, as we became more proficient to adding value to our clients.

Class of 2016 at the Bund in ShanghaiThe attributes of our experiences from the program contributed to how  we now think.  The art of critical thinking, scientific methodology in acquiring data, analyzing it, processing and creating value are now embedded in all of us. We learned how to create a value, identify our clients value preposition and the value proposition of our individual contributions to our client.  We learned about managing people and how we can lead and influence from any position within an organization.

Wrapping up in Shanghai has been a big learning experience for all of us. We have seen all of our hard work pay off by hearing from our clients how satisfied and delighted they were being a part of their organization in the last eight months of the program and showing them opportunities which would not have presented itself without the teams efforts in getting them there.

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