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School your Start-up Pitchfest 2016

PitchFest 2016 PanelClass of 2017 teams are preparing for a strong client engagement for their Technology Entrepreneurship Business Consulting Project this fall, thanks to School your Start-up Pitchfest 2016.

Over 17 entrepreneurs pitched their company’s ideas to the Class of 2017 on Friday August 12th with the objective of participating as one of six clients for the Fall’s Technology Entrepreneurship Business Consulting Project. 

The Class of 2017 will begin the six-week intensive Technology Entreprenurship course this fall. This course will familarize candidates with the entrepreneural process, the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur and the team, the business plan, financing and the stages of development and details surrounding new ventures. The course emphasizethe development of a sound business plan that leads to a strong Investor Package for the purpose of financing. 

"This is where the rubber hits the road" Executive Director and professor of the course, Sophia Leong, states. The course "calls for individuals and teams to make things happen" through their final deliverables of the Technology Entreprenurship Business Consulting Project.

Candidates will work with their selected clients as active members of their leadership team over the next six weeks to develop a sound business plan and investor's package which will be presented to a panel of active investors on October 21st - only this time it will be an Executive MBA candidate making the pitch. 

The objective of the consulting engagement is to attract the interest of one or more of the investors through the investor's package in order to gain a second meeting.

The experience of living the entrepreneurial life begins for the Class of 2017 on September 10th. 

A special thank you to Kivuto Solutions for the the use of their facilities for the School your Start-up Pitchest, to the entrepreneurs who participated, alumni in attendance, and to Andrew Wright and Pino Dicorato with their roles of managing the event. 

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