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Ravi ParmasadThe 2016 Leadership Lecture Series kicked off with its first speaker Ravi Parmasad on January 15, 2016. He spent the second day of his new role as a part of the Nokia organization with us describing his career and sharing his lessons-learned to the Class of 2016.

Ravi is the former Chief Quality Officer for Alcatel-Lucent. His role changed to Integration and Transformation Lead for ION for Nokia just a day earlier, on January 14th, when the Finnish company took control of 79% of outstanding Alcatel-Lucent shares through a successful exchange.

Ravi provided an overview of his career, beginning in 1997 when he came to Canada and began his career as Database Administrator at Newbridge Networks and how he moved his way up from the technical jobs to management positions in Alcatel after it absorbed Newbridge Networks.  He also discussed how his Telfer Executive MBA experience helped him bridge the gap between his technical expertise and the business expertise that he would require later in his career. Although, he laughs ‘maybe it wasn’t my best timing to begin the program in September we were expecting our first child in October – but we managed”

He closed the session with his top ten list of lessons that he has learned over his career and why they are important to him; from diversity, confidence, importance of giving back to the community, strategies he has picked up and most of all the importance of trust and what it means to him.

The Leadership Lecture Series will include four speakers who will be welcomed into the classroom by the Class of 2016 between January and April. The series is a ‘live’ case study where candidates have access to the key decision makers within organizations to discuss strategy, reason and outcome. The comparison of the various speakers allows candidates to consider, compare and evaluate each speaker’s leadership style and strategy for managing current issues within their organizations.

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