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Mr. Guy Laflamme2017 marks a big year for our nation as Canadians celebrate 150 years since the enactment of British North American Act and Canada's Confederation. 

The 150th milestone will be a large celebration, especially in the Nation's Capital of Ottawa. Unlike a birthday party, this celebration will not be limited to the typical July 1st celebrations of BBQs and fireworks. This celebration is planning to span the whole year of 2017 and with this celebration is mulptile years of planning.

Behind Ottawa's 2017 Celebration is Telfer Executive MBA's Strategic Marketing Professor, Mr. Guy Laflamme. Ottawa Citizen reporter, Matthew Pearson, recently published a Q&A session with Mr. Laflamme discussing the plans for 2017. 

Click here to read about the Q&A session in the Ottawa Citizen

Posted: July 3, 2015

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