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Members of the Telfer Executive MBA community enjoyed another spectacular day at Mooney’s Beach on June 27, 2015 as two teams participated in the Tim Horton’s Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival.

This is the second year that the Telfer Executive MBA Program has sponsored two teams in the festival. Telfer Executive MBA began sponsoring teams to create additional opportunities for alumni and candidates to actively collaborate and network with one another, in addition to generating donations for five charitable organizations in the community. The aspect of ‘giving back’ to the community is an important component of the Program and alumni association.

The alumni took the leadership reigns of the ‘Telfer Thunder’ team while the candidates of the Class of 2016 and recent graduates of 2015 drove the momentum in the ‘Telfer Torpedoes’ team.

A Telfer Executive MBA Competition

A friendly competition arose again this year between the Alumni’s thunder and the candidate Torpedoes. They added the component of dollars raised in donations, in addition to race times, into the challenge this year.

Race Results:

Both teams were entered into the “Education’ challenge category early Saturday afternoon, though they competed in different heats in the first round.

Round One:

Telfer Torpedoes:    02:23:86
Telfer Thunder        02:31:36

Candidates and alumni headed back to the team sites in between rounds to check in at the results tent, connect with one another as well as stretch a few muscles before paddling through another intense 500 metre round.

The teams competed in separate heats again once again.

Round Two:

Telfer Torpedoes:     02:26:26
Telfer Thunder:        02:32:13

The Friendly Competition?

The Telfer Torpedoes won their friendly wager from a race result perspective by paddling a faster 500 meter. As for the second challenge of most donations received, both of the teams were close on this component with a combined fundraising effort of over $1,500 for the event. In the end the combined efforts generated funds for five local charities so on this component everyone is a winner... especially the Torpedoes (again).

The day was beautiful and full of excitement for all of those who were involved with the two teams. Throughout the day several other candidates and alumni, in addition to faculty and staff joined in on the festivities along with their children to cheer on their colleagues.

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Posted: July 22, 2015

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