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Lessons in leadership & expanding his network

Michael Bell interviews six Ottawa founders as a part of the Telfer Executive MBA Leadership Lecture Series.

Michael Bell

The definition of leadership is broad to include individuals that lead organizations or community activities such as soup kitchens, day centers and Fortune 100 companies.  Leadership has many styles. 

In his final semester of the program and as a part of the Leadership Lectuer Series course, Michael Bell and his peers were tasked with interviewing five individuals who they know to be in a leadership capacity. The objective was to learn about their successes and failures as a leader and as a follower. At the time, Michael was planning his upcoming transition from military to cilivian life and entrepreneurship had sparked an interest for him. Because of this spark, he strategically chose to interview six Ottawa-based founders to learn more about their experiences and how he could leverage this information in his next career.

Read about Michael’s top five findings in the Ottawa Business Journal. 



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