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The week of April 25 to May 2 focused on seven teams of Telfer Executive MBA candidates bringing compelling business value to seven Canadian organizations that are looking to increase their footprint in the Peruvian market. Through this experience, the candidates of the Class of 2015 experienced first-hand the finesse of doing business within a global market and learning to adapt to a different set of cultural and business norms while also learning a few words in spanish along the way.

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The Commute

The Class of 2015 arrived at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima in the early minutes of Sunday April 26th following a 12 hour commute from Ottawa via stop-over in Toronto.  

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Half Day City Tour

We enjoyed a good night's sleep after checking into the JW Marriott Hotel and an even better view in the morning from our rooms. The hotel is located on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean directly behind Larcomar, a shopping mall, built into the cliffs.

Following our breakfast the group separated into two tour buses for a private half-day city tour.

We toured the city and saw many sites including:

  • Kennedy Park (The Cat Park)
  • El Parque del Amor (The Love Park); a park dedicated to romance and the statue, "El Beso", of a a couple engaged in a passionate kiss sculpted by Victor Delfin
  • A tour of the Monastery of San Francisco, Lima, including the catacombs
  • Photo opportunities in Plaza de Armas and the surrounding buildings: Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop's Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union
  • A walk through a local market

We also drove by Huaca Pucllana, an archeological site in the centre of the city. While some of the group were disappointed that we were not able to stop at the site given that it is one of the top sites to visit while in Lima, the disappointment was only temporary.

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Opening Banquet

Sunday evening began at 5:30 p.m. with a special briefing from Export Development Canada's Stephen Benoit who kindly flew in from Bogota, Columbia to join us for the evening. 

Following the briefing, the group celebrated the official beginning of the International Business Consulting Trip with the Opening Banquet. Over 20 special guests joined the Class of 2015 for cocktails and dinner. Honoured guests of the Program included members of the Canadian Embassy, Canada-Peru Chamber of Commerce, Export Development Canada. Special guests included contacts invited by candidates' networks from relationships they had cultivated over the previous months as an outcome of the international project. 

In between dinner and dessert, Her Excellency Patricia Fortier, Ambassador of Canada to Peru, welcomed the group to Lima and provided an overview of the Peruvian business setting. 

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The Week in Lima

It was a very busy week for the Class of 2015 as they met with their supervisors, moved throughout the city from one meeting to another deriving valuable information for their client from each meeting, and finally compiling this information into a report to present their recommendations. 

Between meetings the teams were able to enjoy an abundance of cuisine and enjoy the sites of Lima. 

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The Closing Banquet

Friday marked the final day of the International Business Consulting Trip. Teams delivered their final business report to supervising faculty at six o'clock marking their final deliverable of their 21 month journey within Telfer Executive MBA.

The Class of 2015 celebrated the end of the trip and the final evening together as an active class withe  staff at the restaurant located at the Huaca Pucllana archaeological dig site. This open concept restaurant provided an amazing atmosphere in the open air looking out onto the shadows of ancient ruins, lit up against the night sky.  

The evening was bitter-sweet. It was a sigh of relief to have completed the work involved in this 21 month journey but at the same time, they were saying goodbye to weekly visits with their peers- they had come a long way in 21 months, moving from strangers to a family - they had become part of the Telfer Executive MBA tribe.

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On Saturday morning a few groups departed from Lima to the inlands of Peru for a well-deserved vacation and sight-seeing in Machu Picchu.  Saturday was a free day in Lima for those traveling directly back to Ottawa as our flight back was not departing until 2 a.m. Sunday.  These weary travelers were happy to be back in Ottawa and met by a sunny Sunday afternoon and the loving embrace family members at the airport.


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