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Blog 1: The Before Picture: Departing for Kuala Lumpur

Written by Team Sirius - Mario Fowler

Facebook Post about Class of 2017 travelling to Kuala LumpurIt’s a dark, wet morning in Ottawa where mild temperatures and the slight reminisce of winter fill the air. Taxis, cars, and SUVs roll into the Ottawa Carter International Airport drop off area. A quiet but continuous flow of early morning travelers can be seen unloading their bags. Some alone, some in pairs, some hugging and kissing the loved ones they are leaving behind. One by one, they all enter the departure terminal. Some enter wearing suits, some in jeans and hoodies, and some in sweats. They are all from different backgrounds, and all a diverse group of individuals; yet all seemingly with a similar purpose. It’s as if there was an important objective to each of their travels.

Some individuals connect with each other inside the terminal as if they are family. There are handshakes, hugs, and even kisses. They all check in, check their bags, and get their boarding passes. Some proceed together in groups through security. Some grab breakfast together. Some go to the airport lounge together and others go to different parts of the airport. However, it appears that the paths of the different individuals and groups intertwine like a well-orchestrated symphony, and somehow, they all board the same aircraft to Toronto.

As the flight approaches Toronto; the first leg of a 30 hour journey into the future…the captain comes over the intercom to inform the passengers that due to construction activities at the Toronto Pearson Airport, the flight will be delayed.  The plane will remain in a circling pattern until the path to the airport clears. The passengers look around to see concerned fellow travelers. “What if we miss our connection? What will we do?” How will we get to our destination?”

The captain continues the message to the passengers…”for those 52 passengers travelling to Hong Kong, no need to worry, the crew will certainly hold the plane.” And once again, these connected passengers feel the comfort of being part of a large family. A family that takes care of each other.  A family that will forever be connected because of the challenges they faced and over come together over the past 21 months. This is a metaphor of what it has meant to be part of the Telfer Executive MBA Class of 2017.

The final destination is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The group is full of the anticipation of experiencing Malaysian culture, meeting new people, and having a successful business engagement on behalf of the respective clients that they are representing, but most of all, look forward to completing this professional voyage together.  


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