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Blog 7: The After Picture – Outcomes of the Trip

By Team Capella: Adam Elsaadi, Kyle Taplay, Daniel Feeny, Tanya Gracie, Mohamed Eldery, and Andrew Wright

While the business outcomes of this trip delivered compelling value to our client and to our learning, the trip keenly contributed to our journeys of personal and professional growth anchored by relationships.  We worked with FileFacets, an Ottawa cloud-based startup and recipient of 2016 BOB #NextBigThingOTT award.  In this reflection, we think back to our overall in-country experience and key takeaways.

Global.  Travelling over 14,000km to conduct business on the other side of the world provided us with insights that would not have been possible otherwise.  A 21-hour hop from Toronto to Kuala Lumpur with a stop in Hong Kong along with a 12-hour time change amplified this fact: We have gone global. While we had some introductory meetings prior to our trip, we learned there’s no substitute for in-country and face-to-face engagement to seed business relationship while sharing a meal.  In 2017, global business still requires boots on the ground.

Practical.  Over our 21-months in the program, the curriculum and six business consulting projects have enabled us to acquire skills, knowledge, and experience.  These learnings converged in a seamless and practical way.  To ensure the confidence of our in-country meetings/stakeholders, we reach into our practical business toolkits and applied our knowledge of the market, region and cultural landscape as we advice our client.

Relevant.  With a market objective of securing strong partnerships, our meetings included stakeholders such as executives from the Malaysian federal government, large private sector IT firms, and a global systems integrator.  We accompanied Chris Perram, CEO of FileFacets, in all in-country meetings with many resulted in concrete business opportunities and action plans.  These action plans sets the condition for growth opportunities in the region.

Relationships.  We realized we would meet interesting individuals in Kuala Lumpur.  What was a nice surprise was the very positive impact Kuala Lumpur had on our existing relationships.  We formed a strong bond with our client, Chris Perram, as we collaborate to make each of our engagements a success.  Peter Becke, an Ottawa-based investor and executive, was assigned as our faculty supervisor and coach.  Our team and the cohort took the in-country experience to strengthen our friendships, to recognize our talents and contributions and to celebrate.

Growth.  The in-country experience is one of Growth:  growth on further development of a global mindset when working with Canadian client organizations on international trade in a global market, growth in our professional development and in our ability to conduct business in different cultures, growth as leaders and followers in a high-performing team, and growth as individuals as each punctuates our Executive MBA journey with a sense of achievement as we complete our final deliverable.

While our international business consulting project and time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, may have only lasted a week, the experience and friendships will last a lifetime.

Team Capella


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