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The Telfer Executive MBA Class of 2015 has kicked off the final stages of choosing the market for next year’s International Business Consulting Project and trip.

The Long List

The Class was provided with a long list of 14 potential markets at the beginning of their six week course on International Market Evaluation and Strategy. From this list of 14 each of the seven teams were assigned two comparable markets and asked to choose an Ottawa-based organization of their choice and evaluate the two markets on business potential for that particular organization. Over the six weeks the class learned tools and models of evaluating potential markets for business opportunity as well as an assessment of challenges. The course culminated in early April with each of the teams presenting on the pros and cons of each market with respect to the chosen organization and to identify one market as the better opportunity.

The Short List

From these presentations in April the list was shortened to seven potential markets. The final selection was placed on hold for the past month as the Class of 2015 focused on final examinations and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project and Trip within Silicon Valley. Monday June 9th marks the final stage of selection now that the members of the class have returned to Ottawa.

June 9th: The International Kick-Off

Each of the teams was asked to provide a review of the market with the better business opportunity which they had selected back in April. Following the seven presentations this evening, a voting process will begin to narrow down the short list to one market.

Each day will feature a new ballot with an even shorter list of destinations as destinations are knocked out of contention until the criteria for the final market selection has been met.

What are the potential markets identified on the short list for 2015?

The potential destinations/markets for the 2015 International Business Consulting Project are:

• Istanbul, Turkey

• Lima, Peru

• Monterrey, Mexico

• Mumbai, India

• New Delhi, India

• Sao Paolo, Brazil

• Singapore


Cast your own vote as the Telfer Executive MBA candidates make their choice:

If you were a Telfer Executive MBA candidate, 

From a business perspective, which market would you choose to consider doing business within?
Istanbul, Turkey
Lima, Peru
Monterrey, Mexico
Mumbai, India
New Delhi, India
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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