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By Team Arcturus: Jon Faulkner, Gillian Fischer, Binder Khangura, Louise Ouellette-Bolduc, Stephane Raby, Megan Ryder-Burbidge

In September 2016, a group of individuals sat around a table in Ottawa carefully sharing our personal goals for the Telfer Executive MBA program. 21 months later, team Arcturus left Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam filled with a confidence that can only be achieved through a passion for learning, shared ambition, and unwavering commitment to success.


Team Artcurus in Ho Chi MinhA week after leaving Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam our team reflection on our own international experience- a grand finale to our Executive MBA journey.

Our team traveled to Vietnam for our final consulting project which focused on bringing a Canadian company to an international market.

Seven months earlier, Team Arcturus engaged with Nelson Environmental Remediation (NER), an Alberta-based company that cleans up contaminated soil on-site, extracting and destroying organic contaminants so that the location can be used again.  Working with our client, our mandate was to develop a market entry strategy for Vietnam, which lead to a successful introduction to the Vietnamese market this past week.

We worked closely with NER from October 2017 to May 2018 hitting several key milestones along the way. We completed our strategic assessment of the Vietnam Market for NER in December 2017, in-country outreach and stakeholder assessment in March 2018 and culminating in our in-country market entry assessment during our one week trip in late-April 2018.

The international trip provided exceptional experience and expanded our learning through global reach, providing us with practical skills for the future and relevant experience that we can leverage in our own careers.

Our market entry assessment and outreach strategy provided our client with deep market insights into government initiatives, areas of focus, key networks of relationships and 10 meeting opportunities within our week in the country. We identified future growth opportunities for them to pursue along with the critical intelligence required to do business in the market successfully.

As candidates, we gained the practical knowledge, awareness and adaptability throughout the program's international assessment process and on this particular project – the real skills required for a global leader and we’re walking away with relevant experience. The experience that we gained is applicable today, expandable for tomorrow and this experience provided us with the confidence that ‘we can do this’.

21 months after beginning the program, Team Arcturus left Ho Chi Minh City filled with a confidence that can only be achieved through a passion for learning, shared ambition and unwavering commitment to success.

This was our Global. Practical. Relevant. Telfer Executive MBA International experience in Ho Chi Minh City.


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