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Map of Southern China highlight GuangzhouClass of 2014 Selects the Market

Telfer Executive MBA candidates will be leaving on April 25, 2014 for Guangzhou of the People’s Republic of China. After concluding a series of discussions in determining this destination for the International Business Consulting Project, the Class of 2014 will now focus their efforts on identifying and collaborating with potential client organizations during the month of October. This is a critical component of the comprehensive curriculum that has seen the Program representing the interests of many Canadian organizations in more than fifteen international destinations since the inception of the program in 1992.

Over the course of the next year, the Telfer Executive MBA, as a component of the global perspective of the curriculum, will be focusing on bringing compelling business value to seven Canadian organizations who are looking to increase their footprint in the Chinese Market.

About Guangzhou

Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is located in the South-Central portion of Guangdong, and is the third largest city in China, with a population of over 12 million people.  With its access to the South China Sea through the longest river in China, the Pearl River, the city earned it’s nickname of “South Gate to China”. 

The economic output of Guangzhou is largely sustained by their export market. Home of the China Import and Export Fair, commonly known as the Canton Fair, the city is well known for its exports in the automobile manufacturing, electronic products manufacturing and petrochemical manufacturing industries. The city itself has sustained a double digit annual average rate of economic growth over the last twelve years with a long-term goal of prospering into an international commercial and trade center.

In an effort  to sustain future high economic growth rates, Chen Jianhuasaid, the mayor of Guangzhou, is placing “a focus on industrial upgrading and a push for what he called a new urban development model [for the city]”.  By placing investment on the urban and industrial landscape, it will create opportunities for growth in the construction and clean-tech sectors while planning for future economic growth in their three pillar industries as well as expansion into other industries such as educational, cultural and science clusters. 

The Telfer Executive MBA Methodology

A glimpse into the Telfer Executive MBA process offers a better understanding of the amount of research that is needed before one is able to make a strategic decision to focus on a specific global region. The Program’s process mirrors the strategic approach which an organization would take before making a decision on pursuing a specific international market. This process reinforces the immense value of the Telfer Executive MBA program,  which is Global, Practical and Relevant in its curriculum design and delivery methodologies.

The Class of 2014 took a granular look into both macro and micro elements of 14 different markets as part of the research project in the International Market Evaluation and Strategy course, led by Professor Marvin Hough. The Class of 2014 compared and contrasted 14 different markets with an objective of identifying seven growing markets that would better aligned with future growth of Canadian industries/organizations. The next step would see each candidate’s individual examination of the seven markets with a line of sight to narrowing the class to one single market. The Class of 2014 was quick to build a coalition of the whole class  with a decision on Guangzhou as their international business consulting destination.

In the Fall 2013, Class of 2014 begins the second phase of the global consulting experience. The Business Strategy Consulting Projects will prepare the seven Executive MBA teams to strategically assess the fit between a local organization, its strategy and the destination selected. Through this assessment and the International Consulting Project, the Telfer Executive MBA program will provide a unique opportunity for seven organizations to benefit from the services of a professional, highly-skilled team of Executive MBA candidates to explore business opportunities in Guangzhou.

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About the Telfer Executive MBA experience within China

This decision marks the third time that a mega market within the Chinese borders has been chosen by a Telfer Executive MBA cohort. In 2006 the Class chose to explore opportunities and partnerships in the booming Chinese economy in Shanghai and the Class of 2010 traveled to a lesser known market of Chongqing to build linkages in an expanding market within China. Class 1995 went to Hong Kong, which at that time was still under the British rule.

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