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The Globe and Mail Report on Business published their annual guide to Canadian MBA and Executive MBA programs on September 6, 2018. 

Telfer Executive MBA was recognized, within the guide, on five distinct areas of excellence:  career progression, focus on teams, real-world consulting engagements, global exposure and international accreditations and rankings.

Career Progression

In the previous cohort, 80% of candidates reported making a career shift or progressing within their current organization within 12 months of graduation. Many of these transitions occurred prior to their graduation.

Alumni continue to progress in their career long after they`ve completed the program and consistent credit the Telfer Executive MBA in creating the platform for this to make the move. Alumni transitions are highlighted in the Telfer Executive MBA`s Alumni on the Move series.

Focus on Teams

The Telfer Executive MBA places a strong emphasis teamwork and learning to work within a group environment. The teamwork component of the program aligns with the reality of the global economy where existing teams must leverage the strengths of others and share leadership and responsibility with one another, while managing diversity and team dynamics, to meet a common goal.  

The Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects

One of the unique components of the Telfer Executive MBA Program is the integration of six business consulting projects within the curriculum. Candidates consult with up to six client organizations, while in the program, to address real business challenges and opportunities in short timelines.

These consulting projects are strategically aligned within the curriculum to accompany themes candidates are learning in the classroom.  Candidates are applying new skill-sets directly to the business consulting projects in real-time, thus creating an active transition from academic theory to practical application.

Travel Opportunities

A successful business or civic leader must increasingly be attuned to the larger global picture. This is the reason that Telfer Executive MBA requires candidates to actively participate in two international trips.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Consulting Trip to Silicon Valley:

The cohort travels to Silicon Valley at the end of their first year on a consulting engagement for one week where they will be working with a start-up within in Silicon Valley. They also participate in executive briefings with key organizations to gain an appreciation for the uniqueness of Silicon Valley and its importance on the world stage.

International Business Consulting Project:

On their final project, teams consult on behalf of a Canadian organization who is looking to enter the selected international market.  The process of determining where they will travel, the client organization they will work with and the scope of the project occurs through four different phases.

Global Recognition

Telfer Executive MBA has been named #1 Global Executive MBA by CEO Magazine for two years running. The ranking system used by CEO Magazine focuses directly on fact-based criteria about the programs and provides potential candidates with a performance benchmark for those schools under review.

The Telfer School is also just one of two schools in Canada and one of only 80 business schools in the world to have achieved the triple crown of accreditations. International business school accreditations ensure that students are receiving a top quality education.

About the Globe and Mail Guide to MBAs.

The guide provides a comprehensive list of the Executive MBA and MBA programs options throughout Canada. It provides information on cost, unique value propositions, international rankings/accreditations, career progression as well as schedule to help prospective applicants find the best suited program for them.

Read more in the Globe and Mail: Report on Business 2018 Annual Guide to MBA 

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