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Telfer Executive Teams Challenge Each Other in the 2016 Tim Horton's Ottawa Dragonboat Festival!

Telfer Executive MBA teams at Ottawa Dragonboat Festival


It was a sunny and perfect day to spend Mooney’s Beach for the members of the two Telfer Executive MBA boats in the 24th annual Tim Horton’s Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival.

Telfer Executive MBA began sponsoring teams in 2014 to create additional opportunities for alumni and candidates to actively collaborate and network with one another. In addition, the fundraising aspect fulfills an important component of the Telfer Executive MBA philosophy of ‘giving back’ to the community where we live.

A Telfer Executive MBA Competition

A friendly competition arose again in the first year of the competition when the Alumni Thunder boat set three objectives for themselves 1. Do not come last in the heat; 2. Beat the candidate boat’s race time and 3; most importantly do NOT flip the boat. The alumni won on all three of their objectives.

In the second year of Telfer’s participation, the Candidates, the Telfer Torpedos, added a second component to the challenge by competing for dollars raised.

2016 a tie breaking year for the race time challenge in the third year of the internal friendly competition as the Telfer Torpedos had won the challenge in 2015 tying the competition at 1-1.

2016 Races

Both teams were entered into the “Education’ challenge category and competed in the same heat on Saturday morning.

Round One:

Telfer Torpedoes:    02:32.86
Telfer Thunder        02:40.90

The Candidate Telfer Torpedo boat held the best time in the first heat but the Thunder still had a chance in the competition if they placed better in the second heat. Candidates and alumni had time to rest and recover between heats as their second heat was scheduled for 4:00 and 4:10.

The teams competed in separate heats.

Round Two:

Telfer Torpedoes:     02:29.90
Telfer Thunder:        02:41.90

The Results:

The Telfer Torpedoes won in race time competition by paddling a faster 500 meter than the Thunder.

As for the second challenge of most donations received, both of the teams pushed hard in their fundraising efforts and achieved over $3,600 for local charities- more than double their combined efforts from the year before. The Telfer Thunder had fundraising outcome of $2040 beating the Torpedo ($1695) in the fundraising competition this year and tying the Torpedos at 1 overall in the annual challenge.

The day was beautiful and full of excitement for all of those who were involved with the two teams. Throughout the day several other candidates and alumni, in addition to faculty and staff joined in on the festivities along with their children to cheer on their colleagues.

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