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Class of 2017 sets to recognize the compelling value for Canadian organizations in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia and Canada Flags puzzled togetherTen months ago Telfer Executive MBA candidates of the Class of 2017 strategically analyzed and narrowed their choice of market to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their decision was based on the strong economic opportunities the region holds for Canadian organizations.

Malaysia is home to PETRONAS, an oil and gas conglomerate that is part of the Fortune Global 500.  PETRONAS is the most profitable company in Asia and is a symbol of Malaysia’s rise in the global marketplace.  Malaysia is part of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Ernst & Young, in its publication of “KL Calling”, recognizes Malaysia as one of the thirteen economies in the world with sustained growth of greater than 7% for 25 years, third preferred global offshore destination, fifth most attractive investment destination and 10th position on business efficiency.  Malaysia is the fastest growing economy in ASEAN with the Malaysian government’s laser-like focus on attaining developed country status by 2020.  

The country of Malaysia stood tall as the cohort weaved through its’ methodical process of evaluating international markets. Their focus was to evaluate markets based on strategic opportunity for growth of the Canadian economy and several key facts stood at the forefront of their decision for Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is listed as a priority market in Global Affairs Canada’s ‘Global Markets Action Plan` and was the third largest bilateral merchandise trading partner in the ASEAN region in 2013.  Its growing economy and rise of middle class population is increasing the demand for health and educational services, consumer products and services as well as infrastructure and security - a demand which Canadian exporters are well positioned to meet. Key sectors with positive trend lines for Canada include agricultural and processed foods, information and communication technology, aerospace and defence, engineering and architectural services, oil and gas, green tech and infrastructure-related goods and services.

Telfer Executive MBA focuses on Kuala Lumpur (KL) while recognizing there are three key economic territories in Malaysia.  The greater KL area is known as an international commercial and financial center with headquarters of multinational corporations including Hewlett and Packard, Kellogg’s, Siemens and Kajima Corporation.  It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions and is expected to be a megacity and global metropolis when its population exceeds 10 million by 2020.

The teams have been working as consultants with six organizations that align with Canada’s key sector in Malaysia since the beginning of the year. They have since been working consistently on expanding the business network to secure compelling engagements in Malaysia for their clients. The six client organizations represent two communications technologies organizations focusing on education and file management, as well as one defence company focusing on surveillance and another in clean-tech focusing on soil remediation.

Teams are only a week away from coming full circle on their Executive MBA experience with the final work on their International Business Consulting Project - the in-country component with their client organizations.  Given the compelling nature of the engagement value that candidates have presented to client organization thus far on their respective market growth, senior client representatives from these organizations will be flying in with the program for the week of April 23rd.


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