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Anticipation Mounts on a Global Scale

Class of 2018 narrows down the market options for their 2018 International Business Consulting Project

Flags of Countries on the short listThe Class of 2018 returned to the classroom for the evening on June 5th to complete the next step in the process of narrowing down the potential markets for their International Business Consulting Trip next April.

The process began in early March when the cohort was provided with 12 potential global markets at the beginning of their six week International Market Evaluation and Strategy course.

Teams followed the course learning and leveraged their newly-earned skills to strategically researched and compare two options from a Canadian business perspective.  This process mirrors that which organization would undertake to determine the best market for their organization.  The course culminated in mid-April with each of the teams presenting on the strategic strengths and weakness of each market with respect to Canadian organizations. The outcome of the presentations generated the short list of six potential markets.

Teams gathered to re-present their research and finding of the six markets on their short list after spending the last month focusing on their Silicon Valley project and trip.

A voting process has begun in order to narrow down the short list each day and converge on one single market.

Each day will feature a new ballot with an even shorter list of destinations as destinations are knocked out of contention until the criteria for the final market selection has been met.

Join in on the experience with the Class of 2018 and cast your honorary vote,

Cast your vote in the International Destination Selection for the Class of 2018. 
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