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Shelia MasonCongratulations to Shelia Mason, EMBA 2010, on her promotion to Director, Consulting & Deals at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

"Before the Telfer Executive MBA Program, from a technical perspective I was very good at what I did, but I did not know how to "take it to the next level". I did not have coaches or mentors in place to help me figure it out; I only had a sense that I could do more. The Program accelerated my growth through this quest for more by exposing me to ideas and experiences that I would never have ventured into on my own. By pushing me outside my comfort zone and providing guidance and feedback along the way, the Program helped me to build confidence, resilience, and my own points of view. The Program also helped me to build and use a strong professional network in Ottawa. By using these "tools" - education, experience, and network - gained through the Program, I have moved through several phases of a career transformation in my five years since graduation. I deliberately choose to keep using and building up these tools as my career continues to evolve in an environment in which we frequently need to reinvent ourselves."

Posted: July 15, 2015

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