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Part Two of Ottawa 2017 and A Special Tribute to Guy Laflamme

Guy Laflamme, Executive Director of Ottawa 2017 Bureau, presented part two of the the plans in the making for Ottawa 2017.

Guy and his team at the Ottawa 2017 Bureau, a community-led, not-for-profit corporation, are planning for a full year of festivities to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday within the Nation's capital. 

What Guy described as completing his own Individual Business Consulting Project, there were many details to take acccount for within the planning of next year's events.  The high-level ideas were the easy part, but as with all projects there was the necessity for specific details in execution. He discussed the vast amount of strategic planning and focus on the details specifically relating to the management the influx of tourism expected within Ottawa during 2017. His is team managed the event schedule by understanding the average hotel occupation rate trend throughout the year and planning for events to utilize the lower occupancy periods. 

Events that have been released to the media have shown a positive reaction. This included the then pending ticket sale for the Interprovincial Picnic on the Bridge scheduled for July 2, 2017.  The tickets went on sale the Friday following Guy's presentation and sold out within 10 minutes of the release. 

He provided a confidential, NDA based, information on other events that are in the works and will be announced to the media throughout the Fall. 

Guy provided Part 1 of the presentation in February 2016: Part 1: Meet the MAN behind Ottawa 2017

A Special Tribute to Guy Laflamme

April 16, 2016 marked the final class day of Guy Laflamme's 15 year career as Professor of the Telfer Executive MBA's Strategic Marketing Course. He will focus on the execution of the Ottawa 2017 events and then perhaps retirement following 2017. Guy has brought a lot of value to the Strategic Marketing course through his experience, his passion and his leadership within the community.

One of the most noteworthy changes that came to the course was the decision to align the Strategic Marketing Business Consulting Project with local not-for-profit organizations. Under Guy's guidance, candidate teams have been working with not-for-profit organization for the last 11 years. with the goal of contributing back to the community through these organizations  whom often do not have the operational budget to focus on strategic marketing plans. It also provides candidates with the learning experience of understanding the marketing challenges faced by charitable organizations.

With Guy's wife, Nathalie, in attendance, alumni from numerous classes provided Guy with their own wisdom of marketing, which had flourished from his course:

I’ve always loved marketing. I just didn’t know that until I came into your class and you taught us what marketing was.  Not only did we find out how to apply it to business- that value that process- that we took and to actually bring in and use with people. It’s exciting to bring in that passion....It’s not just about businesses making money, but that we can take this power, this passion, and we can give something back to the community.

-Melissa Olegario, EMBA 2014

Your marketing course is full colour, high definition that we will never forget. Half of the way through your presentation [on Ottawa 2017] tonight, I wanted to say sign me up and that is the enthusiasm you brought to the class.

Mia Hempey, EMBA 2007

So many things came to my mind. I didn’t know where to start....Your rigour and dedication to the non-profit clients, the one that my team worked with had a very successful outcome which gave me increased confidence in my abilities to continue to tackle more consulting engagements. Your feedback during the entire process increased my learning and provided me and my team a means to provide true value to all companies. It was an absolute pleasure and we were blessed to have the opportunity to have you in the program. Thank you so much.

- Pino Dicorato, EMBA 2016

You really gave us all of the tools to succeed. You showed us the templates that you use every day and we certainly used them in every one of our Signature projects. You took us through the not for profit project, and taught us that we were providing value and we were making a difference.  I think, importantly, you taught us to always give the client not what they want but what they need, and that’s no small task for a first year Executive MBA [candidate] but you were always approachable and accessible. It gives me a tremendous sense of pride to see your [photo] in newspapers, on Ottawa 2017, and Landsdowne. For people who have asked what was I doing for two years, my response was 'hey you know that guy, that was one of my professors.'

- Dr. Viren Naik, EMBA 2015

Sophia Leong, Executive Director of the Telfer Executive MBA, closed the evening with a gift for Guy. She presented him with a printed photo which Guy had taken from the work on his initiative 'Making Niger our Business'. The photo was one of Guy's favourites from his collection. This piece of art, now signed by Guy, will hang on the walls in the Centre of Executive Leadership respresenting Guy's passion and appreciation for the program and for others. In addition, an executive chair within the classroom has been dedicated to Guy's professorship.

While Guy is no longer teaching the Strategic Marketing course, he will continue to be an active member of the Telfer Executive MBA community.

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